Big Boy in a Little Toy: How bent is too bent?

Yes absolutely correct. It should read identical …if its not then something on the spindle is throwing the results off

Greg one more thing to check as I discovered this on my kart. I was getting uneven caster readings not nearly as much as you are but I discovered the lower steering mount (what the steering shaft bolts too) had become twisted. I discovered this with a straight edge across the front of the chassis and ruler. I was able to bend it back and now my caster reading is within 1mm difference side to side.

Finally got a response from Mike Jones at DKC. I will be dropping off my chassis next Wednesday for a thorough going through. He called me direct. Was nice to hear from someone personally. Mike has always been a stand up guy. Despite running a business, he always seems to care about the sport and willing to help other racers!! Chalk another one up for DKC! Also put me onto the Club Racing page on FB. Was wondering why I had missed notifications. Search “Dallas Karting Complex Members” on FB for the latest updates.