Birelart AM-29 tuning - 206 Heavy and Reds

Thanks Kyle and Tyler. I guess we are hovering in the right direction since our attempts have included just about everything mentioned with the exception of struts and a soft seat.

Interestingly, we saw a lot of 206 karts setup in ways that were counterintuitive to traditional (2-stroke) setups this year trying to manage the softer tire, including the use of old tires.

For the AM29 I’ve been told if you run the front bar you almost have to run the seat struts for the optimal setup.

No bar with no struts is a great setup for hard tires or medium tires. My club runs Lecont reds and I ran well no bar, no struts. Although the driver one spot in front of me in points ran the bar and struts and also ran well.

Soft I’d give the stiffest bar and struts a try.