Bridgestone Tire Compounds

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If YLC is the harder compound what were they using before?

Yes they were on YLB (CIK medium compound) for all classes except outlaw for last year.

Essentially all classes are fourstroke so the harder tire makes sense. Plus us the same tire for a bunch of classes, so that’s nice too.

Hardness figures taken off the net…

Bridgestone YBN, YDS, Dunlop SL1…68Shore

Maxxis SLC… 63Shore

Bridgestone YLC… 48Shore

‘Super Sticky’ various 38Shore.

Are those numbers from the same source of testing? Numbers seem a bit off.

The Bridgestone Y… lineup historically like this since the 90’s

Y…C “CIK Hard”
Y…B “CIK Medium”
Y…A “CIK soft”

There’s also the YDS which is considered a “Racing Duro” tire

I think CIK have a rather different idea of what constitutes hard and soft, and long life and short life to some of us James?

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“kinda”. Generally what people call a soft tire in the US is really a medium compound.

Maybe it’s just because most of my karting has been on the YLC so I was thinking hard would be more of a YDS. Might be a supply thing also.


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I think it’s just that the terms are subjective. That’s why I like the CIK system of “grouping” the compounds together.

Basically the “softest” tires that get used in the US in any series fall into the CIK medium category… Since those CIK medium are (Generally) the “softest” used in the US, it makes sense that most people would equate that with soft.

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Stockholm, MN

Today: high: 4 F low: -8 F

Sounds like Karting weather!


That’s without windchill :joy:

It’s time like these that make me appreciate California.