Canadian Kart Track Set to Close

From facebook today, posted by Gary Lobaugh


A danger in karting business!

This is from a long time friend out of Canada Gord Costello.
Its with heavy hand that I write this but their comes a time when all
good things must come to and end.

A decision has been made to shut down Lombardy Karting,it is no longer
financially feasible with such low numbers over the past few years
along with the lack of help to promote the sport and run the events.
The sport has changed and it is no longer a family sport,the regional
series are killing karting and drawing the numbers from club racing
with minimal interest now in a club level mom and pop operations.
I would like to thank everyone for their support over the years ,I
have met a lot of good people,some I consider friends and boy have I
encountered a lot of crazy ones also in Karting.

Competition changes people and they no longer see the fun in any
sport ,its all about their kid and how are they gonna get them to win
all the time at any cost and they forget why they do this,I raced for
fun because I knew I was never gonna make a living at it and when we
built Lombardy it was to put the fun back in to the sport,it worked
for a while but now you all see how it ended.

Gord Costello

Not to drag up an older topic, and toot my own horn, but this unfortunate statement ties into my reply to Greg Wright in his previous thread from a few weeks ago:

My reply: