Considering taking the plunge...logistics

First post. Casually looking at the 206 class…

I’ve got a few concerns/constraints that I’m juggling and wondering if its worth it or too much of a pain.

  1. Vertical storage - Drain gas/oil each time? Lifting it up/down to the wall and securing the kart.

  2. Operating out of a larger Mid size SUV as HOA doesn’t allow trailers and garage is at capacity with other toys. Car opening is 44 inches wide. -Take wheels/side skirt/bumpers off each time? Will it fit? Will it make a mess or destroy the car if a moving blanket/tarp is used underneath? Leaks?

  3. Harbour Freight trailer against the wall? That simplifies the car situation but introduces another item to store/maintain. Paying for storage/delivery not ok w me…

  4. Is doing all this solo at home possible? -Kart to stand out of car, stand to ground, ground to wall.

  5. Time it takes to perform all of this EACH time to go karting. Setup/tear down a total pain or tolerable?

Other odds and ends:

  1. Is there a difference between a CRG RS5 and the CRG FS4 chassis package?

  2. Anything noteworthy between a new CRG vs Intrepid vs VLR 4stroke chassis if they are all supported locally? (If i dont go used)


Hey Ricky, welcome to the forums. I’m going to go out on a limb an suggest that Ricky Bobby might not be your real name. If you could correct that, or set me straight that would be great.

A couple of your questions came up recently, have a look at this topic while we wait for others to chime in here.

(Great questions BTW)

James, thanks for the reply. Your assumption might be correct, this is the internet and karting is supposed to be fun after all right? ;-).

Thanks for the link-The hitch carrier is appealing but curious what modifications need to be made if any?

Looking forward to others experience as it relates to my situation. Cheers!

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I used to haul my shifter in a Silverado std bed extended cab. Just had to remove the front & side bumpers so it would fit. I have the original KartLift automatic stand, & Tim Koyen makes, or made, a rack to hang it on (It should work with most folding/auto stands) & secure with bungie ties that plugs into the hitch slot, which I bought to haul it. I could cram a toolbox & other necessities in the bed & cab compartment. It was just enough capacity for a 1 man show (ie. no passengers), but it was doable.

If you have a 1 man stand & a hitch on your SUV, an external rack to haul it with will afford extra cabin hauling space for the other necessities you’ll need to have on the hand. 44" aceess width = you will have to remove bodywork & either narrow the wheels, or remove them, & all those pieces will need a place in your SUV. An overhead container might be a solution for that.

I’ve since ditched the truck for a 4Runner, & just bought a 10x12 ft trailer & am slowly “customizing” the interior. E track is cool, btw. Just thought I’d share that.

Thanks Spencer! You mentioned a 1 man stand that could make things easier. Are these special? Some type of lever system? Happen to have a link to an example? Any that mount in a hitch reciever for transport-or could be easily modified to do so? All good info! Thank you!

Many different brands. I want one so badly.

Also, please don’t marry my wife. I’ll let you win.

I live in a row(town) house baltimore city and go racing by myself. The only thing I haven’t sorted out is how to store my kart in my house/yard. I store it at a friend’s garage that lives nearby. But I’m working on making a secure area under my small back porch for it.

I store my spares, tools, and fluids in plastic bins in my basement.

I run an aluminum Northern Tools trailer that I store in a little air gap in between houses.

Everything fits in the back of my Prius including Streeter Super Stand (I would like to get a one-man stand in the future). It’s not the easiest setup, but I love how minimal everything can be. It would probably be even easier if you don’t run a shifter kart.




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I’m all for practicality! Is your HOA not allowing any trailer traffic or can you still drive in to load/offload?
I hate disassembling stuff for transport only, I think it’s a chore and takes some of the fun away, so I won’t recommend it, unless you really have to.
In your particular case, I’d look into:
-Small trailer like they suggested already
-Bigger SUV (look at the big picture, might come in handy for other stuff too). Wheel arches are usually the limitation
-Decent size enclosed trailer, parked off-site. I know you mentioned you are running out of garage space, if you have a facility nearby it might not be that bad of an idea…sucks spending $$$ though
-Depending on your HOA requirements, can you park a small enclosed trailer (bike transport, it’s lower than std ones) inside your garage and put the kart and your tools inside it, then park the car outside?

See responses inline


There are a variety of 1 man auto stands available. Find the one that fits your needs/budget.

I have a friend that runs a shifter at autocross and IAME X30 at the track. He has been using a Harbor Freight trailer, but he recently acquired a Honda Odyssey and now hauls either kart in the back of it. I know he pulls rear wheels, can’t remember if there is more disassembly or not. Long range plan is a sliding tray that will roll out the back of the van making loading/unloading easier.

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I have a 175 shifter, and a 1989 Ford Bronco. I took the rear seat out, and the kart , minus the front plastic bumper, fits in just perfectly, side pods and all. i then bought an electric IM one person lift/stand and modified it with a little longer arms to clear my tailgate. the one person lift will now allow me to slide the kart out part way, bolt the “hooks” on already inserted into the bumper, and lift the rear wheels…slide the kart out onto the stand with the front wheels still on the tail gate…and then all the way onto the lift…then just roll away… after running, i pop off the bumper and then i just roll over to the tailgate…set the front wheels on the tailgate and the lower and push until the kart slides in and the rear wheels are on the tailgate. then i just take the tension off of the lift and unbolt(just pins actually) the hooks and then push the kart all the way inside… then i fold the lift up roll it in and bolt it above the kart on a frame i built inside the Bronco just for it. i have chairs and a tent hanging on the underside of the frame also… tools are in mini tackle / tool boxes that slide under the rear bumper with the battery pack for the lift. works very well for just one person. and it all fits inside out of the weather.



Man oh man, I want one of those one man kart trolleys. Such a good idea.

Damn shipping costs.

Id love those rails for my kart van.