Cramping while karting - Leg cramps

whats funny is i had to quit tennis due to tennis elbow and severe shoulder injury on my way to make it pro then I picked up sim racing and karting but I think my calves cramped due to seat position i didnt have time to fix it

I’ve managed to get tennis elbow from my simming lol. Never was an issue in tennis even with stringing racquets at 80lbs back in the day.

I was an aggresive top spin player but I had some bad habits with my form by the time i fixed my elbow has suffered the damage

I played back in the day with the extreme western grip. But I was young and could bend my knees deeply and use the piston up movement hitting up and through the ball.

Racquets got smaller, stringing all synthetic and loose, compared to then. I’d blow through 2 sets of strings a match often. It was kind of nuts how tight we strung the oversized racquets.

missing tennis but karting and sim racing has quite the rush

Hehe I was sooo happy to quit which is kinda a bummer cos I was good. I wish I had had the opportunity to race as a kid and discover it earlier, and have put all those years where I didn’t develop the talent I had out of rebellion, into trying to be like TJ etc. I’d never have made it to the top, the truly gifted guys were 2/10 faster, as it were… but I could count them on one hand. In racing I’m just an average talent but it’s way more interesting to me than being naturally gifted and disinterested.

One thing that is kind of cool with tennis (not sure still exists) were all the money tourneys in Europe. You could play a lot of club tourneys for cash, which was different than here.

Had I loved the game, one could avoid adulting for a bit and try to make money hustling matches.

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i made about 200 euros before quitting due to injuries it was fun as it lasted but I think it got to me not just injuries been playing tennis since i was 4, I think the pressure got to me and eventually I wanted to leave more than ever I lost passion in tennis, the injury just killed it

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Similar story… I dont think I could ever quit a race, it’s just too personally important. But tennis? I’d tank matches intentionally. I did that more than once, cos I wanted to go to prom or be with pals.

i tanked a match once for a bet :joy:

Haha. I never gambled but tennis does have a very rich tradition of hustlers. I wonder if Arthur Ashe hustled folks at the LA public courts when he was young.

Hey, someone asked a question on Reddit and got a shit ton of bad answers so I did some looking…

Basically what’s happening is once your core temp exceeds 104 you start cooking. It’s cumulative, and you have to knock it back down (have to otherwise eventual organ failure/brain damage).

From personal experience I think age and fitness matters. TJ, who is probably 20 years my junior, writes of losing 7lns over the weekend and needing 2 liters of Hydration per day.

I lost 1-3 lbs and take 8-10 liters daily over the past 3 days. And when I peed it was syrup and just a small amount. He states that his urination was normal.

Clearly age and fitness is relevant.

@chase being younger and fitter than TJ, what did you require over the weekend of racing?

On the plus side with all this heat I got to kart almost nude. Pics if interested :sunglasses:. Since we were on a closed track and Keith was OK with it, I went down to shoes and shorts as run 1 thoroughly soaked all my clothes and we had a lake of water to move.


just kidding, you’re right :joy:

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I’m really bad about eating and drinking during the race days…. I’m pretty much a one man operation so I hardly ever think about food or drink. Sundays race I brought a Gatorade, water, and red bull and 2 pb sandwiches :smiling_face_with_tear: lasted maybe the first hour.

The eating side of it partly is anxiety I find it very hard to eat anything in the mornings and by the time I get hungry it’s so late in the day I’m already feeling the ill effects.

I blame myself mostly for just bad preparation and priority management.

Something I’m really trying to take care of now as I find myself getting tired during my race days.

Lemme get you a nice beer and we can watch Chase and the other young guys do the heavy lifting. This tree stump here by t5 is a nice spot to rest.

Also I could have been gentler and said it thus: “chase, being younger and fitter than TJ, who is younger and fitter than me…”

Gah. So basically you had a Gatorade and you were fine.

To be fair, my caloric intake is low, but over the three days I spent working at the track I only ate a tuna Wawa sandwich before the track and that was it for each day. Not nerves though, just used to not eating much. I don’t feel like I ever bonk while involved in athletic activity although I do calorie crash at night sometimes.

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Under stressful karting conditions, like heat and grippy track, it helps a lot to be fit but it is age dependent. Older (50 plus) means the body has to be extremely fit for your age group. Also , I’ve found that consuming continuously small amounts of drink and food thru the day helps. A couple of slices of pre-sliced steak, gulp of Gatorade with protein powder and hydration every couple of hours, seemed to work for me but everyone is different. Large meals I just couldn’t down. Also, I tried all types of protein, chicken, pork, sliced meats but they didn’t seem as effective as couple of slices of a rib-eye. Maybe not enough fat.

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Interestingly I am similar where I can’t eat much on those days but find that eating stuff that’s high in fats and protein works best. Most efficient bang for buck.

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