Custom Helmet Sticker Kits

That’s quit the pain in the ass… I mean minimum order fee lol

Is that 500 per size?

God no. Total.

20 char

I dont think there are enough active karters to sell xxs-xxl to :frowning:

I meant per size ordered vs being forced to buy all sizes with an MOQ of 500 each size.

I found a use for the old pieces!

A little preview of a new design in the works. Going crazy on some gradients. I’ve got this 80s Miami vibe lately.


Thats sick! like the opposite of gag me with a spoon. I really like the colors

the sold out gloves would go well with the design imho

but these are avail

I haven’t even finished the indoor suit. This is giving me ideas for the outdoor one.

That bottom pair would be a nearly perfect fit. I plan on adding a bit of cyberpunk flair and offering a handful of gradients.

Oooh cyberpunk

Great idea

It’s coming together pretty well.

metallics/shiny stuff? Or not so much in stickers?

I’d like to have this set printed on a metallic layer for some extra pop. Everything white would be metallic is the goal