David Klaus from Briggs Racing - What is WRONG with karting?

Solid post BTW.

Frankly, we need more of these viewpoints. :thumbsup:
Followed by quality discussion and action around them :slight_smile:

So, I always ask people this when they say karting is expensive…
What are you comparing it to?
What should it cost?
How will making it cheaper make it more sustainable?

Hurray for objectivity! So many folks look at these things exclusively from their own “racer” lens and that’s not really how we can work to grow the sport IMO.

Let’s ask them! I think the “what’s next after 206, for those who wish to go that way” is a very important one. People’s own interests and financial situation change over time too. so someone who might have started out running 206, after three years might be in a better position to put down more coin for something else, or travel more to “bigger” events.

Just like in racing… we want to look ahead. Skate to where the puck will be…