Does Aerodynamics Matter in a Kart?

I disagree, New-Line makes kart specific radiators and it does not look they have angled fins.

I may be mistaken. It does seem they probably make their own cores. Fins are just a long strip of metal folded accordion style. I guess the extra complexity of those at a angle is not viewed to be enough benefit for the cost.

So you can mount it vertical?

Per that wording, yes you can.

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That’s the key thing.


Does anyone run a full length belly pan for increased down force? If so, does it work?

In Sprint Racing, the rules usually do not allow for the floor pan to extend beyond the central cross-bar (between the fuel tank and the seat). In Road Racing, I believe it is legal to extend all the way to the rear of the kart frame.

I noticed the rear floor pan in one of Jorge’s videos (JAM Racing) from a Roebling Road Road Race. As he was bump-drafting another kart, you could clearly see the floor pan extending all the way to the back bumper.

We had a competitor at the Battle at the Brickyard one year that ran a full-length floor pan. This was in the shifter class (stock honda), and it didn’t seem to provide any advantage.

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I think two of the TB Kart USA guys who were with Jorge of Jam Racing were running a full length floor pans. I know one of the guys Jorge was running with and he told me had just gotten one, but I haven’t ask him if he’d used it yet. Not sure without checking the rulebook if its allowed in CKNA, but I’ve heard some road racers use them.

Wasted effort in a sit-up sprint class.

Unless you’ve got twin B-bombs on a vintage kart and are going 107 MPH at the end of the straight at New Castle like Dean Kossaras was in 2020!

WKA bellypan can go to end of main chassis tubes, in NKA it can go to centerline of the rear axle.

Beyond that I have not looked at rulebooks.

I’m still surprised by this. I would have bet money there was a difference. Maybe with a bigger driver it would have an impact?

Totally possible. I know other drivers have said they feel the wind in their face with the M6 but not with the M7. I’m sure it’s conditional.

I’m sure preconceptions help with that, too.

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Last year Gabriel Gomez was pole on OK at the World Championship with the old CRG bodywork in a high speed track without even tucking that hard… that’s all I have to say :sweat_smile: