EGT Theory as it might Apply to Rotax Max

Because it doesn’t apply to Rotax Max under any kind of normal racing condition and it’s clear you haven’t worked with one.

The Rotax Max is not at all like 100cc air cooled engines that you and I are accustomed to. First time I heard a lean pop I thought I blew it up. It was designed in a way to make it easier to tune and more difficult to blow up.

Your theory contradicts the experience of people that have raced this engine package from local to international level and contradict how it’s been designed to behave by Rotax themselves.

“Modern” kart engines are not as sensitive to tuning as the once were. That’s really the key point here. I say modern in quotes because the Max came onto the scene in 1998.

So really, the argument isn’t with me… It’s with Rotax and the people who’ve worked with them over the last two decades… Which by all means you’re welcome to have…