EKartGo Project

Thanks Brian,

@KMECHAD mentioned that the BSR system utilizes a Sevcon controller (Any questions about my ownership of the BSR2.0 Blue Shock Race fully electric powertrain? - #18 by KMECHAD).

I reached out to thunderstruck EV, they are recommending a Curtis 1238-7971 controller. I am yet to hear back form ElectricMotorSports. Sevcon and Curtis seem to be the front runners. Kelly and Fardriver seem like more affortable lower cost options… Any thoughts on these two?

The Zero 75-7 would indeed save me some kg’s and give me some extra power… but I am unable to find any for sale as you mentioned at least for now…

P60 would be amazing… Keep me posted. emrax is just super pricey and require specific hard to source controllers for their 188 low-voltage version… They do mention that Sevcon is in their recommended list but it does not show for the 188 LV…

The Spark modules are 28s3p A123 Lithium Nanophosphate cells rated at 20Ah (https://www.buya123products.com/uploads/vipcase/468623916e3ecc5b8a5f3d20825eb98d.pdf). From what I can imply from the nominal power rating these cells can do around 18C… which is a good bit. They are a bit on the heavy side though:

A123 20Ah Cell
20Ah * 3.6V (nominal) = 72W @ 0.496kg → ~145W/kg

Molicel P42A
4.2Ah * 3.6V (nominal) = 15.12W @ 0.0678kg → 223W/kg

Given the Molicel P42A is a pretty good cell (from what I gathered) the A123 cell is ok but on the heavy side… I am reconsidering whether or not it is a good choice… It is much cheaper for sure as I can have that 28s3p pack for 800CAD (640USD).

If I were to go for that option, I would buy two packs and reconfigure in three packs of 28s2p to get ~40Ah and shed some weight. That would run me around 70 lbs where a Molicel P42A would be around 36 lbs… 2x the weight does not sounds very good at all… But it would cost be 1125USD… just about twice the price…

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