First win for an American chassis in SKUSA Pro Shifter in almost a decade

I’d love to know what solves the puzzle. I remember how well Keirle with Jade used to do on Gold karts and their own built chassis, yet they now run Birels and only build their Div 1 kart. You really can have a driver that’s too good for the brand. Win on Sunday, people say that driver can win on a shed on Monday. Racing psychology is an odd thing.

Can send me a chassis in EU please ? :grin:

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I can PM my address. Lets get that Factory Kart out in the wild at Homestead. Wink Wink…PMs are OPEN!

The solution is to sell enough of them to drivers and teams good enough that they put them up front too. We’ve got Truly Adams in Junior and Jaxon Porter in Cadet, and it’s working so far in SoCal and Indiana.


I won the season opener of the Northeast Kart Challenge in KA with quite some margin. I’d say it works :slight_smile:

How was turnout in general? I would imagine pretty good?

Replied in the developments in NJ thread :+1:

Great turnout.