Front wheel size and bearings

Sorry but you’re asking me a lot of stuff I can’t answer.
Our race karts run 5 inch rims with 10 inch dia front tyres and 11 inch rears. Stud spacing is 51 mm.
Front wheel or hub bearings on older race karts are 17mm bore x35mm outside dia. Standard bearing.
If you go on to r/go karts I think they will be able to help you much more . Best of luck.
I put r/gokarts in google and it comes up. It’s a Reddit sub forum.

It’s ok. I’ll post some pictures tonight with measurements. Thanks for attempting. :pensive:

Here are the front and rear measurements +/- .02

Think it’s a Tyrod 4 if you don’t know that already :grin:

I have the tie rods. I just need a wheel that can fit on this. :unamused:

It is a lnk to the site which seems to sell all the parts for that model.


I couldn’t find it. Anyone know of some good 58mm bolt pattern rear tires or 17mm front spindles tires?