Gearing Discussion

Thanks. So he has two vehicles to have different gearing? I imagine then that changing the ratio on a car is not simple affair like for us.

Sounds like he changes gearboxes depending on track layout.

On our GTD car we run three different gear sets. Gears 1, 2, 3 stay the same. Gears 4, 5, 6 change depending on track layout (as mandated by IMSA). You have a street/short gear set (think large rear sprocket), FIA (homologated gears for FIA GT3), and a Daytona specific set (long gearing).

Other classes like GTLM, DPi, etc will change gearing a lot more because they’re allowed to. GTD gets told by IMSA what gear set is legal for each track and you have to run what they say.

Absolutely. Many club classes in SCCA do not allow gear ratio change to keep costs down. Plenty others do. Some classes it was difficult to change final gear ratio so people carried multiple transmissions with them.

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Yes, this is what we do. With all of the unnecessary stuff removed for racing, it is relatively easy to swap a gearbox. Only takes about an hour. Really only time we run the shorter box is on Speedway tracks where you run 3/4th of the oval then transition to an infield section.

Very interesting, thanks, Zach, Greg and Todd. TIL.