Getting into karting

Maybe you mean outlaw/unlimited kart classes on dirt?

I hope so but 1. He specifically said Sprint Car Racing and 2. Unlimited/Outlaw dirt tracking isn’t in is budget.


I seriously hope this is a troll.

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It’s entirely possible that it is a young person who isn’t aware of the vast financial gap between pro car racing and kart racing.

Although to be fair, I wonder if I had a million spare change and the cojones to race those dangerous machines, wether you could just buy in (world of outlaws). There are obviously lower series to start in though.

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I wouldn’t think your average young person would have $10k a year to burn on a hobby like karting, but who knows.

I’m more thinking about the danger aspect. It’s irresponsible to assume you can just skip all the steps and strap yourself into an 800 hp death machine and race at the very pinnacle of the discipline with no experience or money.


Growing up in dirt track. If money just got put on my front step. WoO is where I’m going. Races every week. Sometimes multiple a week. 800 hp. 1350 lbs. what can go wrong?

But seriously sign me up.

Last. Maybe because they don’t look like a normal car he didn’t realize the cost. But 305 class is usually where most start. It’s basically the 206 of sprint cars with sealed blocks. Other places run 350s with flat tappet cams.

I spent a week with Covid hustling those 305s and kicking some butt in iracing. Holy moly dirt is a blast. Now that’s some racin’. I really enjoyed how the line moves around and how you can approach the turns wide or narrow, depending upon the mud.

Thats my favorite thing about dirt track. Every single lap is different. Constantly hunting for the fast line.

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