Getting Started in Karting Central Florida

Ok but get a rib protector. You really need it with 2 strokes.
I agree, x30 or its equivalent is really, really fun.

Thanks Dom! I’m heading out to Andersen Race Park now to check out this new shifter kart! By the looks of the layout a shifter is perfect for this track lol. That straight looks so long for a kart. :smiley:

Drove Andersen RP twice this week and it was a blast. Shifter kart was the best choice. Wheelied it on last corner onto straight and never missed a shift and kept it in the powerband. I was happy with myself because other guys learning on their shifters kept spinning out and missing shifts. I definitely felt more at home downshifting into corners. Sadly when I thought my gf was taking a bunch of pics she was not. :confused:

I think the best advice came from @phastafrican when he said just make a decision lol. My gf and I are happy that we splurged and got what I wanted. Here’s a couple pics, it’s nothing new you haven’t seen but it’s new to me!



That looks great. Enjoy it!

Looks great, have fun.

Sooooo, get out on track yet?

Only at ARP a couple of times. I just got back from vacation. I’m debating whether or not to sign up for SSKC this weekend. Only 4 people were in shifters the first 2 rounds so it wouldn’t be much of a race but would be a perfect introduction for me. Sadly I might not do it just because of the heat. Shifter races take play at around 3pm and I’m more heat sensitive than others. I’m going back to ARP tonight or tomorrow morning. Probably tomorrow. :smiley:

I can relate. We had a kid in our tent puking from the sun this weekend.

Yea, I think I’ll probably have to hold off. It’s frustrating though because I’m comfortable with the course and would love to be in a little 6 man race to get my feet wet. But between the heat and the fact that I’ve never even done a club race means I should probably hold off even though I’m super pumped to sign up. My initial and rationale plan was not to sign up for races until the fall anyways. (It’s nice feeling like a kid again when it comes to events like this.)

if money is no object, you might consider also running a lower horsepower lower grip class for the part of the year where running 20 lap races in 100 degree heat is too much physically.
I can go all day on a 100cc on hard tires. X30 on whites?, not so much.

That’s exactly what I may need to do but I’m not going to this summer. I’m still figuring out details off the track like transportation. I have 3 cars and a motorcycle so now I am trying to figure out what to sell and what to get. I’ve just been renting a full sized truck for $50 a day to get to the track right now lol. Which, honestly, has been great. I’m torn between trailer, truck, and utility van. I don’t like any option tbh.

When I raced motorcycles our team had two huge trailers and rv’s so starting over with nothing and alone is something I’m not used to. But again, kind of exciting. Only this time I don’t have to sneak around the government’s back to go race! I raced while I was also in the military and that was a big no-no in my career field lol. But I did it with my flight commander so I figured he’d be in more trouble than I would be. :smiley:

PS: Anyone ever use this Cool Shirt set up? It’s expensive but might be worth it for me.

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That looks like a great piece and with your background you’ll be up to speed in no time. Racers coming off bikes understand the physics of body movement 100x better than those that come out of cars. Some of the very, very best newbies I ever worked with came out of motocross.

We use a combination of a Ford (long, tall) Transit and a small trailer. Even with a bank of shelving on one side I can slide a full sized kart in the van straight off the stand with the wheels and sidepods removes. It is a really convenient way to transport and work from once you figure out the nuances. If I need to have the scooter, tent, tables, second kart, etc though we pull the trailer just to make life easier.

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@Hman - What’s this season looking like for you? We have a couple of shifters here in Jax, but Ocala has the strongest numbers based on what I saw last year. Might be able to come up here for a race or 2 this season.

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