HELP identify my kart

Please help me to identify my kart MODEL. I know that it is an Italkart but cannot find the model or homologation any where. Note in photos the steering support brace that comes off the front bar. which is clamped onto the bar. Not welded like other brands. Thank you for your help

i did some reashearch on google it turns out to be 2007 model by the picture. there is supposed to be an year bracket back betwen seat and back axel.

With those angled nerf bar spuds, I find it hard to believe it is newer than 2003.


Maybe contact Italian Motors in Sumas, WA and see if they can shed some light on it. They are the ItalKart importers since the late 90s.

Not mandatory till 2008, my 2005 had angled Bars

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I belive Italian motors started Italkart and are the same entity pretty much. (I belive the karts are built by IPK or Intrepid) I purchased many things from the Valiante family over the years.

Definitely pre03 with the clamped on steering support. More than likely the Supersonic since it has the front brake spindles and clutch hub, but you can’t always go off that…

Measure the OD tube that the engine sits on. If its 32MM in diameter its the supersonic. If its 30MM its the Rapido.

I’m not sure how it started in the US, but for CIK homologated chassis it was 2003 onwards for right angled sodepods.

Is there no identification plate on the rear cross bar? I second chatting with Italian Motors, they do a really good job of supporting the older products.

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Thanks everyone. I will measure the dia. Of pipe that motor sits on and get back to ya all.

How does one go about finding homologation on old karts?

It looks like this one is not homologated, if it was, it most likely would have that information on the tag with the serial number.

I had a 2002 supersonic that had the same aluminum lower steering support