Help! Is it possible to be so bound up that the kart feels loose?

(Blake sholders) #21

I couldnt run like i wanted to, i was basically there to just feel it out at a reduced pace because of my ribs. On the left turns i was able to go wide open and it wasnt sliding or hopping, felt good. In the right turns i didnt even attempt to take them at race pace. Its going to be faster, ill let you know this Saturday

(Blake sholders) #22

Im buying a rib vest before the next time i go to the track. ive never used one and ive found out why you need one, the hard way! Lol

(TJ Koyen) #23

As someone who has had rib injuries for the past 7 years, be sure to stay on top of that and don’t let yourself actually really injure yourself. Soreness and bruising is fairly normal, but if you end up breaking ribs or tearing your rib muscles, the recovery time is long and re-injury is super easy.

I tore my intercostal muscles in 2012 and even with 6 months of rest I still re-injured them immediately when I got back in the seat, and then continued to re-injure them over and over for 3 years before I got my fitness right and got the right combination of padding/rib vest/seat to eliminate injury. Even now, twisting motions in every day life can make my ribs sore because it’s all scar tissue down there.

There’s no way to heal ribs, other than sitting still, so glad to hear you’re getting a proper rib vest.

(Blake sholders) #24

What kind of ribvest do you use Tj? I dont wanna go too cheap and have this injury continue on into the future. I work in a factory doing manual labor, constantly bending and twisting, popping advil like candy these last two weeks lol

(Dom Callan) #25

The undisputed heavyweights are the freeM and the Bengio. They are pricey and sometimes hard to find.

Plenty of other options like the alpine stars one.

(TJ Koyen) #26

I tried several brands and the Bengio Bumper is the only one that immediately made it comfortable to sit in my seat again. Without it I wouldn’t be racing.

(Blake sholders) #27

Found this one for $137, not a bad price!

(Andy Kutscher) #28

There are listings for bumper’s on facebook recently that appear to be replicas produced in India and not the real deal. Be certain to verify the source of that unit.

(Blake sholders) #29

Thanks andy i will do that!