How to be fast with a heavy rental kart?

Yeah with how much I’ve experimented there now, it’s easy to notice the difference both between sitting too far forward but also too far back. For me exactly 3 clicks from the rear is the best seating position at Supercharged. If I go too far forward I’m just understeering in every single turn.

And if I get a kart that the seat doesn’t lock I get this nasty understeer as the weight transfers forward into the turns. I can fight some of it by stiffening my legs to hold the seat in place, but it’s exhausting.

The only place I notice a disadvantage from the weight is the uphills. I feel pretty good about being 0.4s off the track record at +100lbs :sweat_smile:.

Will have to give some flat indoor a try.

Lemme link me right behind Nick into the uphill 2 spiral… I don’t push him and he has a shit entrance compared to me…

The kart pulls him just fine relatively. In a gas kart he’d be screwed.

In this heat, I’m behind @Andrace at first and then I also draft Nick. They do great uphill.

(Speed 3)

Since it’s relevant, here’s my comparison of a fast vs slow kart back to back same day same track with 1.6s difference:

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Thankfully SC actually pays attention to the league karts.