How would you use a kart setup app?

I’ve got some thoughts (more questions, really) around this topic. Was there another thread since '16 that I could reference?

I think this is the main discussion. No harm in bumping it to update things.

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Ok thanks! :slight_smile:

I guess my first question is whether @NikG has had a chance to launch his idea?

I just learned about @DIG78x tool, which I will check out.

I’m new to the whole kart world - got my kid started last year in the Wisconsin kid kart scene and is now moving up to cadet - we’re all in.

My perspective is that karting should be a consideration for all parents right there with soccer and little league.

A huge part of the hurdle seems to be the technical support required by the parents, which is clearly way beyond bringing snacks and water to the pitch.

I’m naively set on solving this, and really interested in what’s out there and who’s solving it.


I’ve got a pretty in-depth setup sheet in excel that could be easily converted into and app with drop downs. Designing an app and getting it onto apple/google store is beyond me skill set, but I’d be happy to contribute.

I have done absolutely nothing on this.

Life and posting on these forums takes up too much of my time.

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If you guys are curious, you can see my app on There are some videos there as well.

One of the things I made sure to include was a setup guide that explains common adjustments and what they do, which should help newcomers.

I’m open to feedback from anyone! I’m hoping to make it an iOS app soon.