I’m giving x30 a go

That’s good to know! Thanks…
Any input on the low EGT temps you’d like to see on the old pipe?

You should get an electric kart lift probably doesn’t look cool but it’s a game changer. In the past, I feel for those that had to help me pick up my kart but now it seems that many go out of their way to help me or push my kart uphill. Haha, I must be showing my age.

Also, if you all didn’t notice, SKUSA lowered their weights for several classes.

This stuff is what I use for water pump belts. Piece of wee wee to replace just cut to length put around the axle and melt the ends together, lasts forever.

Does not fit in my Volvo V70 kart hauler.

Skusa’s new weights are great for me . Let’s see if USPKS follows.

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  1. Lots of variables that impact this. Tracks with lower peak RPM will have lower peak temps.
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I used to run these when I lived in Germany. I looked but did not find these in the U.S.

Going to have to look for some.

Almost ready to hit the track.


Do a cable tie loop on the ignition lead around one of the head bolts, it keeps the weight of the lead from fatiguing at the plug. #spottheairplanetech :grin:

Looks awesome :clap:t3:


Your sticker kit application is giving my OCD heart palpitations.

I can’t knock him for that. Seems like a straight forward thing to do, just apply stickers right!?

Well I can tell when I tried to put some on my kids kart, I don’t know if I developed Parkinsons, alcohol withdrawals, or what, but my quivering whisker biscuit was inflamed afterwards as nothing seemed to line up/ go on correctly. :triumph:

I have a whole new respect for those who can apply those decal kits on straight. No worries Lindsay, just go fast enough that nobody notices. :rofl:

I negotiate the stickers being put on the kart as part of the deal.

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Seems pretty good to me! The non-OCD guys checking on to say good to go!

Nik it does me too. And we have revised the kit to make it simpler.

We have started getting extra stickers to put over that seam. Its a lot easier to cover with a big sticker than for me to try to get that seam lined up. Plus then you have an extra layer of coverage when you get a tire mark on that front bumper…

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That’s exactly what we are doing on all the kits. Sponsor stickers are going to be individual pieces to apply to cover the seam and ensure they look good

Bought a used kart for my kiddo and that’s how they did it and I loved it. So asked my graphics guy to do that as well

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For that same reason I have a pair of jumper cables sitting in the tray of my kartlift stand whick has a 12 volt battery. It has saved me from missing a session twice.