Is (Good) Info On Getting Started in Karting Hard to Find?


(Jim Maier) #21

Ever been to a quarter midget track? They generally have a committee assigned to new members. They roll out the red carpet to new members, have training days for new drivers, etc. I have never seen this in karting. I personally try to behave this way towards newcomers, but I feel each track should have people assigned to this.

(Randy Raridon) #22

Part of the problem is the same info doesn’t necessarily transfer to another Kart. Air pressure, castor, camber etc. aren’t going to be the same for everyone. But, what changing each of those does to the setup or handling of the Kart is something everyone can share and not be giving away”secrets”.

(James McMahon) #23

I think that’s super important.

For as much as promotion is talked about, this is a big gap in some cases. A newcomer arrives at the track and is left to look at a pit full of strangers who are busy trying to focus on their race weekend.

One challenge is electing the right person who understands how to look at things from the “customer” perspective and cater the “tour” to that. Rather than “Here’s 20 different classes you could run, and here’s all the different brand of chassis” etc etc.

Keep it simple, digestible and have some options for them to take the next step and get their butt in a seat.

(Steve Pribyl) #24

Hey @KartingIsLife come road racing again.

(James McMahon) #25

I’d settle for any racing. But KP comes first along with getting my daughter in the seat more. Between that and my wife working every other weekend as a nurse, it’s challenging.

That said, I might make it to Blackhawk one of the days.