Just ran 17 rental kart sessions... how do folks run 24hrs?

I hadn’t thought about that. 2 hrs without drinking fluids while exercising is no joke. Thank you. I wonder if theres some sort of drink system that folks use like on bikes.

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Anecdotally, Alec ran solo at AMP and said it was “easy” since the track is long and has big distances between turn complexes. The subsequent enduro at Etown was “hard” since we are turning approx every 4 seconds.

Track layout matters. Frequent, high-G turns add up.

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It’s been a while, Wanna try in 2022?

I’ve been thinking about it. It’s been a while and I don’t think they’ve had one at New Castle. Still really want to do it

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I sent Chris McCoy an email to find out about 2022 enduro schedule. They have done New Castle in the past. If you guys are looking to do a 24hr, I could be convinced (and I bet Nick, too).