Ka100 kpv100, 3 or 4 pipe

How’s it going guys. Without getting to the track and testing yet, what do you all think weight wise for the kpv and pipe configuration to be competitive to the ka. This would be more for a club level race. I’ve never driven a ka so really don’t know from experience the power they have but have raced kpv 4. Thanks for any info.

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@PhoenixKartRentals might have some insights.

I believe the F100 series in SoCal has a formula of mixed 100ccc motors. It’s been talked about on the forums a couple of times, check these topics to get stared:

Thanks. I read through that post and the only real numbers I saw were comparing the KT with the KA. The clubs I’ve seen around here in so cal do run a mixture of 100cc classes but they keep it divided from tag 100cc to any other 100cc. The intent of my original post was to bring it up to the president of a club we occasionally run with and since next year we( my daughter and I) might go back to 2 stroke and buying a couple ka motors really isn’t in my budget yet but I do have kpv’s.

I swear I saw something about KPV somewhere. Might have been in a messenger conversation… Let me check.

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I did find a cen Cali group that has a kpv 2 at 310 with the ka at 330 listed on their website. But the jr ka as far as I know has a restrictor on it so I don’t think the 20 lb difference would relate the same to an unrestricted Sr weight of 360.

First off, I’ll start by saying that F100 as a series is no more, but I still have their last rule set that I’ve been using to get guys interested at my club.

The Formula Kart Championship (http://www.formulakartchamp.com/classes-and-rules.html) picked up where F100 left off but dropped the combined classes with a BoP. They now have just a separate KA/ROK 100 class and a KPV class.

For them and the F100 ruleset that we use, they have the KPV with RLV 4 pipe at 390 pounds, whereas those new reed jet motors run at 360. I’d imagine if you (and whoever else you’re racing with that has a KPV) could make weight at 340/350, you’d probably be pretty close to a KA.


Thanks for updating us Daniel.

We’ve had a couple of race reports posted here from that series aslo:

It’s been thoroughly tested and compared in SoCal. FKC and it’s supporting shops put in a lot of laps to try to narrow down how to get the KA to match up with a KPV/HPV. As you’ve read, BoP was weight and restrictors will make them fairly equal. KA still edging out the wins within close margins from what I’ve seen and heard.

The real issue has been the 100cc driver community. Depending on your attendance numbers and driver experience, BoP may be the way to go for the short term if you want larger entry fields. It’ll give guys with tight budgets time to make the jump up to KA. However, if the end result tends to have more KA wins over HPV over a longer period of time, then it’ll lead to your enevitable finger-pointing 5yr old temper tantrums as we all know happens when we compete for a 10 dollar trophy. Same if the results are Vice versa…

My recommendation: if you have a low attendance, then race with a flexible BoP set of rules. Meanwhile, keep the discussions going in your community on what direction you’d like to see your club/series move towards. Give yourself a season or two to make the plan happen. The KPV may be the better motor to stick with due to everyone’s budget.

I run both KPV and KA. Love both. As long as there’s still parts out for the KPV, I’ll run it when/where I can.