Kart project buy

Hey. I’ve bought this Tony kart, picking it up later. Can anybody help me with what model/year etc it may be. This is mainly so I can get the right pods and a torsion bar for the rear.

Thanks in advance.

Are you sure it’s a tonykart? Brake caliper position and style doesn’t strike me as anything OTK?

Don’t bother with the rear torsion bar. Not necessary.

Straight pod bars means it’s post 2000-ish.

I tend to agree with James, it doesn’t look particularly like a Tony Kart other than being green.

Someone’s gonna ask you to look for the homologation plate on the frame.


No I’m not sure, it’s only what the guy said. I’ll clean it up and check out the frame for a number.

Heard of a yard car, but not a yard kart.

Fun project none the less.

It’s a Delta MK10 according to the plate. Got all the privet out of it and vacced it. Engine off this weekend, get that running. Had a spiders nest in the filter box!