Kart-Setup software/analysis

Im searching for a free software that keeps track of various setups, much like the Jet-Tech Pro program.

Does anyone have experience with such software?hqdefault

I just stick to good old pen and paper for setup sheets.

Here’s a topic where some people have posted theirs.

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Do not send any money to Jet-Tech
They have not responded to several customers with issues of software not working.


I use this Google Kart Setup Form that I made. It stores all the data that I can access from any device. It is a little long and I am going to rearrange it a bit, but if you like it. I will give you a copy.

You can tailor it to suit your needs.


I second that. Much simpler and quicker to change entries.

Paper is faster. Sometimes I just write down the changes and then put everything into my Google Form that night for posterity when reviewing video and data.

And by reviewing video, I don’t shoot my own video so I look at others videos – usually someone that is super fast like Norberg, TJ, or someone else that has put videos on YouTube. Honestly, I learn more from watching someone do it right than me doing it wrong.

It occured to me that there’s a couple of problems that need to be solved

  • Easy of entry of the information on raceday
  • Review/reporting of that information
  • Comparison of hat

Maybe the best approach is a (field customizable) paper sheet formatted a certain way, combined with an app/service that can read the fields and writing.

Take a pic of your setup sheets from your phone and the data is stored in the app and “cloud” for review and other fun things.

I don’t know who operating it these days, but the original creator and owner died a few years ago. Hopefully the money people are sending is not disappearing into the ether.

The website isn’t there anymore.

It was 2014 when myself and others ended up paying for but not having functioning software from Jet-Tech. After the effort I put into it I will never deal with them and feel I should warn as many people as I can.

Since I typically have a laptop at the track, I have started using an Excel file that I save in Google sheets. I start with the template, and save new tabs for each test day and race weekend. This way I can always access and reference from any of my devices as needed.

Here is a link to the file in case anyone finds it useful, and wants to use themselves. You’ll just need to download, and you should be able to edit as you wish from there.

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I use OneNote on I-pad at the track, I find it useful to be able to quickly scratch things down at the track and later analyse and add additional info at the end of the day. Example attached.
Todd road.pdf (4.5 MB)