KartKraft, Iracing and other sim Throwdown Season 2

Thanks Oliver, I’d like that.

Yea, tons of tuning is done by me in KK. Fortunately it’s easy. You make really big changes till you find something that you like, proceeding like you would with a regular kart.

But, the changes are whacky compared to IRL. For example my seat is all the way back all the way down, but, in some builds it’s been as high as possible (jacking purposes). Extremes rule the day in KK tuning.

That being said the tunes don’t make you faster per-se. They change the handling of the kart to be consistent with how you like to drive.

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ok because i have not yet changed anything setup related in kk wich may be the reson the kart feels off do you have a basic setup i can use?

Sorry somehow deleted this

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Yes sure. I find that one tune per build works well. I do not feel a need to use different tunes at different tracks.
I will paste one in here for you.

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alright thank you once i get home ill send u a krp setup and some solid mods.

I jumped onto KK yesterday for a while because my kid insists on climbing up onto my sim to play with the wheel (is this a good or bad sign?), and I figured I would turn a game on and drive around with him on my lap.

After he got bored and hopped off my lap, I pounded around for a while.

The over-rotation issue I’ve complained about for a while seems stronger than ever on this latest build. I found the kart just continuing to rotate after apex in an unnatural way, even if I hold constant steering angle and throttle input. It’ll even do it with no throttle input, if I’m coasting. It’s such a bizarre feeling. I played with seat settings a bit to try and counteract it. Moving the seat all the way back made it less sensitive but then when it did snap it snapped in an uncatchable way.

It makes it so I can’t dance the kart right on the limit, I always need to stay at 90% or it’ll snap and be unrecoverable. Looks like I need to really play with the setup again to dial that out, even though it feels like an issue with the game’s physics and tire model and not a reflection of realistic kart handling.

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I have been using this:

The Formula K x30 or ka100

Front scrub: 0.60
Front caster: 14.6
Height: low
Torsion bar: flat
Seat: 0-0
Drivetrain: 13-85
Rear: 0.10
Brakes: 90
Tyres: 6 (heats to 11)


thats the same feling i got

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thank you ill try it out

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Well on the plus side it teaches you to not overhold the turning angle!

I do agree that there is a knife edge between stable and spun.

I think this over-rotational tendency is due to the interaction of the kart and the laid down rubber. The power line grabs the kart and influences its direction/rotation. It’s very strong effect in game compared to irl.

@tjkoyen It shouldn’t be only at 90%. There’s something g wrong imho. I am driving at 100%. Things get weird but I am most definitely not holding back at all.

I have played with under driving and things get very calm and normal feeling.

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I feel like every corner I am death gripping the wheel and trying to preemptively predict when it’s gonna snap and put in countersteer to keep it going in the right direction. It changes the way I drive fundamentally. It isn’t a matter of driving naturally to the tire limit, it’s a guessing game every corner of me trying to predict when the kart is going to over-rotate and reacting to that.

I’ve considered it could be a hardware or calibration issue but I’ve played with it a lot to change various settings and nothing makes it better.

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Hmm. That is odd to me. Perhaps it’s lack of feedback from the kart? Are you not getting a sense of when the loading is about to spill over and thus spin?

That’s the lack of yaw feeling. You can do an understeery setup to mitigate the issue but in the end, you have to learn to do without this feeling


What he said. Basically alluding to that very idea. I use 6 shakers for a reason.

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Since you’re a more experienced sim guy Tanguy, do you find this specific to KK or sim racing in general? I don’t have this feeling in iRacing or ACC or really any other sim or racing game.

iRacing has the same issue, especially when you start to use aliens setups and you need to exploit the slip angle more. It used to be a lot worse (iceRacing) but it is still somewhat the case. Kunos Simulazioni games are not like this, as they add forces in the FFB to help feeling the rear for the car.

Also KK had major changes in the physics and it requires a lot of setting up now compared to before.

If you have the chance someday, try iracing or kk on a DBOX simrig, and it will become clear that those sims are not wrong or bad in any ways.

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Oddly, with the shakers I can feel the back end move. It’s not actually moving but if feels like the back of the rig rotates. However, not all of the tire information is transmitted. But, enough.

An unexpected development

@KartKraftGame tweeted this at October 22, 2021 at 05:55AM: https://twitter.com/KartKraftGame/status/1451260939077046272

New track also.

This project just gets weirder :joy:

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I can explore my Irish heritage via Rallye in a rallycross.

There’s a dirt track, too!