KZ Comes to KartKraft

Ha, I don’t know about more articulate, but certainly longer. :grin: I’ve got a whole article, plus some related articles on my site: Reducing the Sensation of Speed

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“An elevated SoS is the result of not taking full advantage of the brain’s information processing capabilities by erroneously using the inherently slow process of analysis (powered by ‘intellect’) instead of using the profoundly faster process of recognition(powered by intuition) to manage the torrent of sensory information that is produced when racing.”

This is sorta what I was talking about @Stacker. About the idea that there’s a “movie” playing in your subconscious as you drive along. And that you are constantly checking your place in space and time against your internal expectations.

If you look at the article, you’ll see how that ties into that question I was asking if you ever find yourself spacing out and waking up having gone fast.

Warren describes the various stages of SOS…
What changes as you go up the ladder is the level to which your driving becomes “automated”. It is coincidental with “proficiency” of the track.

So, in my estimation, for AMP KZ, I am currently at: Proficient – Low SoS, almost fast; driving is becoming automated; refining skills…

I’m almost to: Expert – Very Low SoS (slow-mo), front runner; mostly automated driving…

Where do you feel you are with your track?

Can you share a KZ setup?

What racing wheels are compatible with KK in its current build state? I’ve been eyeing some Fanatec stuff, but the current compatible hardware list on Steam looks pretty sparse ATM. Are there plans to expand it, if anyone knows?

Only have one for Geel. I was a tenth or two off world record a week or two ago. Not sure where I sit now in the pecking order. Needs some work. I can’t even remember what chassis i was on for it haha

Any. The presents are not made mostly. You have to bind keys to wheel before starting. So fanatec works fine as well. I have clubsport 2.5 and I love it. The DD users have to do some stuff to get rid of oscillations, I have read.
Anyways, the Discord is helpful for problems.

Choose generic preset. Go to binds and bind away!

Thanks. Maybe you can make a gearing suggestion. I had a ghost pull away on back straight (caught him in chicane). He had more top end. Is gearing a thing with shifters?

Do you think the stock gearing should be changed for AMP?

A single speed kart, versus a shifter, as far as gearing is concerned, I don’t think the basic strategy should be all that much different. Actually, if he’s pulling you down the straight, even before you run out of RPM, and you have a lower gear, that’s just horsepower in my opinion. If he’s pulling you down the straight while you’re still going through the gears, that’s horsepower. If you’re catching him in the chicane, that’s driving, nice going. Horsepower and compression pressure are very closely related, have you checked yours? And if you go shopping for a compression gauge, it’s hard to find a really good one under $100. I had a Snap-On, kind of expensive. Very valuable tool!! Not enough can be said on the value of tuning. I always depended on the EGT, after I built my dyno, to get my tuning right. Without an EGT, you’re just guessing!

So the virtual karts all share the same base setup. As of last patch, they put in tuning options.

I am not familiar with wether shifter karts have the same gearing issues as my 125cc Tag. Depending on the track, I’d change sprockets for top end speed or low end power. I am guessing that even though a shifter has gears, they are changeable.

The guy that was pulling in the straight was doing so not because of HP, since the engine is the same. I am guessing that his additional top end was from gearing.

Yes, we change gears. Usually geared so the fastest section of the course you are about maxed out in 6th gear.

Just axle and engine-side gear - if that wasn’t obvious. internal gears are generally fixed based on the homologation.

Ok so presumably you begin with rear sprocket on KZ? Maybe drop a couple teeth to see.

I am guessing that as I drop teeth, my low end won’t change much since I have gears 1 and 2 yes? Or does it work the same way where I sacrifice low end?

yeah, depending on the track. on road-race circuits, I’ll go as large as i can up front - before the gear interferes with the engine case - and work my way through the rest of the weekend with the rear gear. But most tracks, you already know what the gear is, and it’s rare i find myself out of range to the point of having to change it.

However, in a sim - where blowing your engine isn’t a problem - it might be worth playing with the gearing if you find yourself outside of the powerband out of some corners and sacrificing some top end.

Thanks. I’ll try messing about with it tonight. Am guessing that 85mph top speed on KZ is low? (Limiter).

Depends on the track and gearing. IIRC, i get close to mid-90s at Shenandoah Circuit in WV. In your 46.146 video, it seems like you might be stretching 6th a little much at one point in the track, but otherwise your gearing seems pretty close to ideal.

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Varies a lot, just like single gear karts. Depending on the track It could as low as 70 or as high as 115. I agree with Matt in that your gearing sounds close. Compare a tooth each way on the rear sprocket and see what it does to your times.

Often gearing can be as much about raceability vs outright speed. For example, you’re pegging the limiter for a decent amount along the straight in your video, it may not be the fastest, but it might actually be the way to go if you find yourself starting at the back and having to pass slower drivers.

Hmm @KartingIsLife @M_Martin

Thanks for that. The only kart I came up against with different gearing was that one guy (who I beat). So maybe it is ideal. But, I will try as suggested.

Boom! Gearing change not required to break 46!

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Yes, the internal GB is fixed (ie. no swappable cassettes). Only final drive & axle sprockets are changeable. You have to consider the track layout & where you can mitigate compromises (if any) to get the most gains in speed.

I’m guessing you don’t know what the internal ratio is? What gear did you go “to” and “from” what gear did you change? Both front and rear.

I haven’t tried anything yet. I will soon though.