Leaded gas exhaust and Kids

I like where this is headed @Charles_Kaneb :fist:t4:

Legitimately cool idea. Good luck with the race.

If you are concerned about lead levels while on the grid you might look at a battery powered fan to really move the air by your driver quickly. A little waft of fumes is nowhere near as bad as just sitting in it!

This is something I cant believe we are still talking about, especially how kid-centric of a sport this is. It’s been well established the harmful, cognitive effects, that even small amounts of lead exposure can have on kids, it’s something you don’t want to mess around with. Yet, we knowingly expose them to it every time we go to the track.
Europe has banned the fuel for competition for years, and they are clearly still able to operate their engines just fine, its time we catch up, we are long overdue. I will be addressing this with my local club leaders and I encourage you do the same, it’s pretty ridiculous how many people are nonchalant about this subject.