Mixing Both Aluminum and Magnesium Rims (+Praga Dark 28)

I’ve read that magnesium rims and aluminum rims affect the kart setup differently, but what happens if you were to run both at the same time (i.e. magnesium in the front, aluminum in the rear and vice versa)? Will there be a significant handling disadvantage compared to running just 1 material?

I run at a low grip track with Bridgestone YDS tires and I got a narrower set of rear tires to help with grip. They are of different designs, so I believe they are different materials.

P.S. Does anybody have any information/tips on the Praga Dark 28 chassis? It’s my current chassis and I cannot seem to find anything about it online.

Aluminum rims will transfer heat to the tire differently than magnesium. I’d imagine It would be odd to have different pressures/temps front and back.

I’ve never seen it but that doesn’t mean much. If it’s any help, I’ve only seen aluminum used in rain to get heat in tires faster. Not sure if common in other classes.

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I was reading the post and thought it sounds like RA. Looked up and saw you LOL

You can run mag and aluminum. All depends on what you want to do. We do all the time but usually on the Vega. The YDS you’ll want the aluminum as it keeps heat in the tire. Try 6.5” rear wheels

You can reach out to Brandon Steinhauer. He ran one for a while. It was prior to repave though. I’m sure he can get some data for you.

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I have a set of rims with the recommended widths all picked out, but my issue is they appear to be two different materials. I can post a picture if needed. If there really isn’t any disadvantage to running both on the kart at the same time, i may not bother exchanging them (might try anyways to be safe). Is there a way to check the material?

The kart balance will change through the the run. Can’t think of any good reason to try this.

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Sometimes thinking outside the box has good results. Just because no one does it, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. :wink:

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I think the care for is as strong for as it is against.

AFAIK, no one has tried running alum & mag wheels in a diagonally opposed setup. I’m guessing that’s probably outside the box. What could go wrong?

I’ve done it before as well, but in reality, the handling effects it produces can be replicated with other adjustments on the kart that don’t affect the consistency and heat of the tires.

If you needed more heat in the tires on one end of the kart, you could run aluminum wheels on that end, but my opinion would be that if you had that situation, there is a bigger fundamental balance issue at play that needs to be solved with actual chassis adjustments.

If I think it’s going to produce the results I want I will run any combination of pressures/wheels/Stagger etc…

Sometimes you will be on tracks that require far more heat to one side or the other due to layout. I have staggered pressures, wheels etc… and found a few tenths over a 15 lap run

Is there a way to confirm if a set of rims are aluminium or magnesium? When I purchased my kart I was given an extra set of rims by the previous owner, however to this day I’m not sure whether they’re magnesium rims or aluminium.

Post a picture, aluminum rims are thinner wall thickness unless they are cast.

These are the rims as I had received them. Since then, I have spray painted these rims black, but as you can see under the orange the rims are silver, just like regular aluminium wheels (however I think magnesium wheels are also silver under the paint).

Not that it helps with painted wheels but aluminum rims always seem less shiny than magnesium.

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Those are Freeline Mag wheels from around 2011. Generally, they came painted gold in color.

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Thanks for your replies. @Ronald_Swift looks like you were right in that they’re Freeline wheels; according to an imprint on them they’re CH130. Would you happen to know if they’re magnesium or aluminium? According to this page, the CH130 are Aluminium wheels, while the DF130 are Magnesium, but I can’t find much more information.

Honestly didn’t know they made a aluminum wheel let me look at mine and see what mine say.

My mag wheels had no writing on them other then Freeline