Must see Norberg driving

(Spencer Uzri) #21

I’ve watched this guy on YT before. He knows his stuff. Much respect.

(Don Westlie) #22
  1. P1 is way to concerned about what is going on behind him and seems he’s already conceding the dictation of the race
  2. Norberg numerous times, as the leader looks over his shoulder, gives him the “stay in line lets try and clear”
  3. After a screw up Norberg decides to just move on and dictate from the lead rather than 2nd

Don’t let the guy behind you, even if its Norberg, dictate your race when leading.

Easy said by the guy who doesn’t wheel and just tunes the kids kart LOL

(Dom Callan) #23

I wonder if you are right. It feels that way but there is all that jet fiddling. He might just be off on gearing.

(TJ Koyen) #24

I think P1 (CRG) has recognized that Norberg has a much faster kart. I don’t think he’s letting Norberg dictate the race, but he knows that he really has no choice at this point. It’s either get aggressive in defending or let Norberg simply drive by and drive away. Had he done the latter, I very highly doubt he would’ve managed to cross the line side-by-side with the eventual winner.