My First Race - Looking for Feedback

So this next race went much better, in the end came in 6 out of 9. Qualified 6th, first two heats came in 7th. The first 5 guys were all in the low 31s and myself and the 6-9 were all close in the mid 32s.

Unfortunately I was not able to give it my all as I have found out my seat is too big. I had 2 days of practice leading up to the race so was pretty banged up and could barely drive. The track was a short track which some chicanes and some sharp turns so 16 laps was extremely tiring.

Have a Dr appt for the morning as I did some type of rib damage.

Here is heat 2, it was my second time being around others racing since the last race I was in far last place. Made some mistakes and left some doors open on a track that was really hard to pass on.

Oof. I feel for you on the ribs. Rib protector and a deepseat is what worked for me.

Thats looking way better. You had more pace than the blue fella and had a bit of a battle going there until it cut off. How did it end?

Yes the ribs took a beating. Just bought a new seat which I had fitted so 400 in I am going to add padding and get a bengio bumper rib protector to get by this season.

That was heat 2, ended up finally passing the guy in blue towards the end to take 7 of 8. I ended up beating him in the main as well coming in 6 of 9. I am very happy with my progress. This race taught me a lot about passing and defending a bit more.

Good stuff then. There’s a lot of hesitancy etc still but that is to be expected. It took me about 5 races before I felt like I was experienced enough to start feeling a bit better about playing in Traffic.

Overall though, way better. Try to stay on the racing line when dealing with others. Don’t freestyle too much looking for a gap. Get on their rear and wait for the mistake. If they do t make a mistake, use this period of being right behind the guy to make sure your corner exits are strong.

When you are chasing 914, you peek down the inside repeatedly. That’s ok but if you aren’t going to go for it, get back over and enter the turn using all the track width. Get back in line and use all of the turn. In Many turns you appear to be too narrow. This may be due to the aforementioned peeking. This matters with that multi turn back section. Some turns you are kind out of place for. Either line is wrong or you are trying too hard to pass him and compromising some corners.

Thanks for the feedback. Great advice. I realized after watching how much I need to stay my line and I kept looking around way too much. Also, I was having to let off a lot since I was a tad faster than 914 which is something I need to figure out how to still keep my speed when following a slower racer

You gotta look through them while being aware of their proximity. If he’s gonna lift, you want to be looking at where he’s gonna be and tailor your entry to it so you won’t be in same spot at same time.

Maybe you have to lift. So be it. Just stay in his bumper till he makes a mistake and then send it. This is the highly simplified version.


Here is a view from another racer, I am the 99 kart. I actually got bumped when I got passed by him which set me back.

Ok so… there’s 2 laps where you defend from the pack behind and ultimately get passed. At around 1:37 mark the lot of you are headed down the straight bit. There’s a guy or two behind you and one that has taken an inside/behind position.

For some reason, you give up the outside and enter the corner super narrow. This kills your pace and they all shove past you. I think maybe you were trying to defend the inside. But, he did not have a run. So, you gave the outside of the turn entrance away to the two behind you to prevent the one inside behind from sticking his nose in. I think that could have been ignored. Or, alternatively, take a less extreme inside position. 3/4 of a kart or something.

It’s all good though. This is how it works. Also lo206 is particularly unforgiving of pace loss.

Wow, really good observation. Looking now the 21 kart played it smart, carried a tighter line and then just blasted by me and others. He is a local top 1/2 guy.

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They are gonna pass you at this point. Ideally they pass you without slowing you down any. I personally am trying to work on the “fight another day” mentality so that I don’t waste time battling stupidly and slowing everyone down. Your pace will rise to meet them, tho, in time.

Sometimes when stuck behind a slower driver, you have to time your moves. Give just enough gap that you catch them at the end of the turn, rather than the beginning. It can be a challenge when you have others on your tail. Like Dom said, try to hold your lines as they will generally be the same quicker lines the folks behind you are running. Additionally in LO206, the draft pays dividends. As you make your move, the train behind you follows past and can give you extra momentum.

What camera did you use to get speed and map of the track ?

GoPro. The app has a function to add to the video when editing.

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What go pro…I want get something that can do that especially to help learning …

Kyle, go pro hero 5 black onwards has telemetry built in. In Quik (software) you can add the speedo and gps path: Even better, in race render you can also display laptimes.