New Helmet Motorcycle vs Karting

My friend printed the designs onto the vinyl and then he laid it on. There are places that it has seams, but that’s the nature of it. Another thing with a vinyl wrap versus paint, if you want a new design, you can change it much easier than a paint job. I won’t say what I paid since I’m not a normal customer to him. He is located in Southern California and the company is Daley Visual. He’s done some car wraps for professional baseball players, some of the Drift series drivers, and he’s even done Bill Goldberg’s cars.

Thanks everyone for the responses! I’m prob just gonna buy a motorcycle helmet to start since I’m new and it’s cheaper and then once I go to higher level I’ll buy karting helmet. I got an old helmet I can practice painting on, just for an experimental bit of fun, and then paint my next helmet. Just always thought it would be cool to wear a helmet that was the only one out there lol

I recall the reason I bought my own lid…so I didn’t almost barf every time I put on a rental lid :joy::joy::face_vomiting:

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I hear it gets hot in Dubai. Much perspiration.

Oh Geez, I hadn’t considered that. Yuck. I sniffed the inside of my own lid the other day and almost passed out. I can just imagine Dubai Kartdrome rental lids…

Yessss indeed. Imagine putting on a musty lid still damp from the last renter(S) grosssssss