New to Karting: Is this Kart a good purchase?

Hi All!

Looking to get into Karting next spring. Been racing Autocross and doing fairly well. Looking to increase my skill level by increasing how fast the cones come at me by racing a kart! Also looking to do open track nights, test & tune nights, and hopefully some regular races IF the Utah Karting Championship is allowed back at Utah Motorsports Campus in 2020.

Below is a kart I’m interested in from a fellow AutoX driver. I know next to nothing about karting so I thought I’d turn to the experts. Is this a good kart / good purchase? I’ve included the URL and a screenshot below for reference.

I plan to delve into the world of karting and study up this winter to prep for next spring. Thank you all in advance, looking forward to being a part of the tribe!!

125cc Kart for Sale in Utah

Looking to AutoX, Test & Tune, and hopefully race if the Utah Karting Championship is reinstated at Utah Motorsports Campus in 2020.

Location: Utah

Age Bracket: Masters (30+). Have never raced karts though.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your mechanical ability, or willingness to wrench on things?

3 Didn’t grow up around wrenching and my ability and tool selection is limited. For big things I’d rather pay someone to do it right and in 1/4 the time it would take me. Looking to improve though.

Talk a little about your racing experience so far:

I’ve raced autocross for two years and have done fairly well. I consistently place Top 10 Pax.

What’s the main thing you need help with to get you started?:

Info on all things karting which I plan to acquire from this site!

When was last rebuild? Says top end is fresh, how many hours on engine bottom? That doesn’t seem like a lot of money for a sorted kart. It’s a bit older but not important assuming frame isn’t bent or deeply worn down. (Check rails from below). I will not opine further on value because I am not knowledgeable about shifter karts.

Also, this for autocross? So parking lot track yes? There was a fellow on here doing the same thing, also with a shifter. Sounds like he was enjoying it a lot but challenge was getting tires to temp.

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Those are great questions to ask, I appreciate your input! To summarize, these are common issues to look for with an older kart?:

Bent Frame
Worn Down Underbody
Hours on Engine Top and Bottom?

The OP of the thread you linked in is our region and I’ve run with him a couple times. Small world!

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I haven’t dealt with shifters so I can’t give you great details but I think that’s a good price. A friend of mine got one for $3500 in good condition. It all depends on the engine and chassis condition.

Hey Derrik! Here’s a couple of topics that go into more detail on kart (chassis) inspection

Good answers above, but I think you would be off starting in single speed kart, you can focus on improving you driving skills, shifter karts are fun but for new people there is to much going on.
Just my opinion after 30 years of karting.

Two stroke engines have rebuild schedules. After X hours do top end, after Y do bottom. This matters because you have to budget for it as part of cost.

So, between top and bottom end, it’s prolly 1-1.5k of work annually at a minimum. I have no clue on Honda shifters though.

Sorry if you already knew this. Something to consider if you did not.

Derrik here’s a fellow AutoX’r: @SamD

Well since it comes from a fellow autocross guy, it’s sorted for that format? Also, he indicated “maintained by Msquared”. You could ask them how much life is left in the kart and what they charge to maintain the kart, help you with problems etc. This would solve part of your new guy issues: wrench. (Assuming msquared is the local option)

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Please do NOT buy a shifter kart for your first, better to get a tag 125 or even better than that a 100cc VLR or KA. This is will be a much more enjoyable first time experience for you. I would look for a chassis only in good shape 4 cycle would be best for 100cc but a tag kart would work, buy a new engine so you know the real history. You can be all in with this package for around 2500-2800 with a new engine maybe a little less. BTW UMC will have a kart program next year, details coming in the next 3 weeks stay tuned. Need help finding a chassis let me know 504-377-8821.


The guy as done AutoX, he’ll be fine with a shifter. A few test days and you get the ‘holy shit’ out of your system pretty quick.

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AutoX is physically easy - it’s 30-90 seconds. A full sprint race with a shifter is serious work.

As a former endurance and oval karter in my teens, and some HPDE and drifting in my 20s, I decided to take karting back up at 30 years old. I thought I was in pretty ok shape (5’10", 155lbs and some mild regular exercise). After the first session in the kart i got out and was sure I was going to puke from exhaustion. From that point on, i did a lot more core and back strength training and focused a bunch on cardio - that is all after I recovered from separating a rib during exercise after my first kart weekend.

tl;dr - Shifter karts are incredibly demanding and cardio training is a must.

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Shot you a PM on FB, in case you don’t see it.

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I autocross my kart and is a blast. A few pointer:

  1. Our lot is small and very technical, and for shifters is VERY busy (I race a TAG), so if it is a big lot, you may not need to shift as much (check YouTuba).
  2. Please get a rib protector; you will thank me for it. With all the change in directions your body takes a pounding with very little relief (for straights).
  3. I autocross many cars before the kart and nothing compares to the fun of the kart and if it breaks, back to the trailer and no worries for Monday drive to work!
  4. Same rule applies as in a car, seat time and set up will make you faster.