Not sure where to start, so many questions. (Located in the northeast)


(Dan Schlosser) #21

The track at Oakland Valley should have an Arrive & Drive program - check with Tim Hannen there for sure.

Mike Doty Racing is just down the road and Mike & Chris do track days and evenings - coaching, etc. He hasn’t plenty of karts around tonhook you up with a good lapping package.

Keith Leonard at Kaos Kart Shop is also close by. Keith travels more than anything now but is worth talking to as well.

Keith Rafa at Full Tilt has a bunch of different Arrive & Drive programs.

Everyone that deals with John Bonanno has good things to say.

Where is home actually?

(Ryan Odi) #22

Home right now is near Phillipsburg/Flemington NJ, and I’ll be moving to Harrison NJ in a month.

(Dom Callan) #23

Yeah your best bet is John. I’m in Princeton, btw. If you want me to put you in touch, I can.

(Ryan Odi) #24

Sure! I guess we should direct this to PM?

(Dom Callan) #25

Sure. I’ll pm you his info

(Ryan Odi) #26

I just got around to reading your site. This is some really epic stuff. I like the content a lot.