Online Diagnostic Solutions

In my job as an airplane engineer, one of the most useful tools at my disposal from a particular manufacturer (De Havilland) is their online diagnostics database. Essentially it’s a database created whereby operators input their defect scenarios based on answering specific questions and the database prompts them with root cause as experienced from other operators.

You think a similar thing would be useful in the karting world? I’ll come back tomorrow at work with a few screenshots to show what I mean

It could include both handling issues and mechanical issues, just it strikes me we get so many folks coming in here like I’ve got this problem at this rev range what could it be…an experience database could be useful

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I would think so. From a tuning perspective this makes sense.

I like this idea, but remember it’s only as good as the data going in. Meaning if the driver can’t tell you what exactly the kart is doing, you’re not going to end up with correct result.

Mechanical issues it could be more helpful.


I think it definitely has merit, the challenge will be convincing drivers to make “good data” a priority so that you can actually help them. That said, video alone can be a great tool.

@NikG was riffing along these lines at some point in this topic:

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Actually it was probably these topics:

Something like this? :grin: