OTK chassis - bad batches

Eh, it was a rub, and rubbing is racing. I think it better to leave the video up and if someone wants to have a discussion about the contact, they can, rather than censor it. It’s a reality.

Anyway I hadn’t heard the material being from Russia. Someone else told me long ago where OTK sources their material from but I can’t remember. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Russia.

All OTK karts have always been the same material, just different color. I have back-to-backed different colors (Tony Kart/Exprit/Kosmic) and they all feel identical. In fact, most teams/dealers for OTK will just use another color/sub brand if there are no Tony Karts in stock. There were rumors at one time the Kosmic was softer, but that wasn’t true.

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This is somewhat recent stuff so unless there are other to confirm- take it for what it is… one the guys that told me this confirmed his findings with serial numbers (on the non green OTK karts) some how like what is mentioned somewhat on this thread?… interesting…

I think the video in it’s current context is fine. (Keep in mind, it’s a youtube video, it’s only embedded in the topic) I think it’s pretty clear it’s not the kind of driving we endorse as a community and practically all of us are adults here. If anything it’s an example of what NOT to do.

From a community standpoint I’m more concerned about paddock talk on “Russian metals”, bad batches of metals and other kinds of hearsay that’s difficult to verify.

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Adding a little bit of info to the discussion - We’re running one of these so called bad chassis (LN Kart CY89…).
So far my daughter Amelia has qualified it 6th in the British Open Championship and lapped just over a tenth off fastest lap in the final against the best in the UK currently. At the Rotax festival at Clay Pigeon Raceway it was lapping just under a tenth off the fastest in the country along with purple sectors over the weekend and has just had fastest laps and a 2nd place in the South West Championship.

Safe to say I don’t believe a word of it. Its probably a rumor started to get everyone to buy another chassis and throw away a perfectly good one because it “might be slow”!


Good data point. So if anything it sounds like these “bad karts” are more limited than just all of one chassis code.

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This stuff is testable. If you think you got a bad kart from OTK, and you’re in SoCal, please bring it down to Factory Karts in Riverside and we’ll take a look at it.


Really… promoting or even showing videos of unsportsman like conduct or texting- not a good thing Amigo…

@Ronald_Salas There were two different things being discussed in this thread; Bad Chassis Batches, and a video of Dodgy Driving. The meme I posted was about the former. Let me paraphrase if for you:
“That’s a bummer if people are buying a new chassis, but it is defective.”

As for the need to protect everyone from the horrors of a video involving an on-track bump; I’m not convinced. Sharing or viewing an example of bad behavior is not “promoting” it any more than sticking you head in the sand means it never happened.

It’s up to parents to teach their kids proper racing etiquette, and adults to adhere to the same. Bad things and bad behavior do happen, but perhaps instead of trying to shelter people from them, they could be used as an example of how not to behave, or how not to do something, which can be as, or more, useful than just telling or showing someone how to behave or do something.

Anyway, just my opinion.
Have a great 2023 Amigo

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True- a good bad example… you have a wonderful year too Amigo… being of Mexican descent myself (by the way I believe the actor that portrayed that “Bandito” character in the movie was Jewish)- we use to use that line among ourselves at work many years ago…,

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