OTK entry Loose\Oversteer sliding issue. I'm lost!

Really need a video I think. Based on how your chassis is set right now, you should be experiencing classic push/kick. It it could be something else.

Is there such thing as a lemon chassis? We have a brand new 2021 kosmic 2 months old and have been through just about everything listed in this thread and im ready to throw in the towel. Son is consistently 1 sec off pace from his teammates that podium. Even went as far as setting up chassis exactly like theirs made a test run and still a second off. Had drivers swap karts and my son was a scond faster in their kart and they were a second slowernin his. All data is almost ide.tical expect for being able to carry speed in turns due to slidind. Others say I have alemon and to see the chassis and take the loss instead of chasing a fix for months. Open to any insight.

I would look for a cracked welds somewhere. I had a problem with a lightly used OTK kart, that would oversteer very easily and found a crack at the base of the right seat stay. It looked like the paint was cracked but I could get a piece of paper into the crack. In the pix, the crack is visible but it most likely was at least 2x or 3x longer. Had it TIG welded and instantly the oversteer was gone. If this is the problem, find a guy that can TIG weld and tear the entire kart down, so that the welder can get access all around the weld. He will do a much better job. The paint comes off with brake cleaner.

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Yeah I would be inspecting every weld.

There was a “bad batch” of 2021 OTK chassis so I’ve been told. I got a new chassis and picked up half a second immediately.

The other thing I’d check is weight distribution - OTK 30mm in x30 should start at 43/57.

If TonyKart knows about a bad batch of frames, you should be able to call them and ask for a discounted trade-in of your frame. “I’ll sell a bare frame to you for $750, delivered with your kart shop’s next order of chassis. You’ll also have to provide a receipt from the scrap yard for your old frame” is something I’d expect to hear, but that’s if Tony wants to acknowledge the problem and your local kart shop’s a high volume dealer.

Yeah we looked and dont see anything. Its been like this since it came out of the box. The first couple weekends we, well I sort of figured it was driving style since we bought the chassis to move up to x30 from KA. Going to put the x30 on his old KA chassis and see what changes. If hes back up to pace, may get a new frame and swap it out.