Podcast Ep #2: "What the ***k is KartPulse Anyway?"

(James McMahon) #21

Thanks for the feedback guys. Davin cut this one down from about 2hrs of me rambling so that might be why it’s a bit meandery. I’d like to use sauced as an excuse but I can’t :smile:

The bleeps and F-Bombs I figured would be a bit interesting. we wanted to test it out and see how people responded. I think used more sparingly

Doing this podcast has been pretty interesting for sure. I can almost see a possibility of having two main themes? one along the f’n drinks with kart racers, and another, more aspirational type one.

Anyway, keep the feedback coming (positive and critical) so we can make this better for you. We have another three
or four recorded already. I think you’re gonna enjoy them.