Posture, and head movement

(Mike Clark) #61

TJ, earlier in the thread you mention biceps in reference to steering. Wouldn’t biceps be used if pulling the wheel and triceps used if pushing? I guess using both would be more of an arm locked method.

I always like to note what were my physical weaknesses are so that I can work on them with training. Sometimes I do feel it indicates that I have a driver comfort issue or a change in method is needed

In my first race day my brother said he could just see when things physically got me. You looked OK, then next lap you looked like a sock monkey. I have found once I start fatiguing to the point my head position starts to fade with less and less laps it become a sign the end is near.

(TJ Koyen) #62

Correct, that’s why I say that people use their biceps too much because they are pulling on the wheel rather than pushing.

When I drive, my biceps never feel tired. My forearms and triceps do though.

(Justin Dittrich) #63

Didn’t Crews just win the Finals?

Finally got the kart adjusted better to my size (since I’m 6’ 4") and I feel like a whole new person when I’m racing. Now I just need to get some conditioning so my head doesn’t fall off during a 40 lap final, haha

(Aaron Hachmeister) #64

Yeah he just won the X30 Mini World finals.

That seat looks a lot better for you, much less squeezed together. What did you guys do specifically to the seat that helped out?

(Justin Dittrich) #65

We originally had a Max Transformer seat in the factory suggested position. Finally decided to scrap that, since I’m way too tall to suit it. It was very difficult to move around in since I was pretty much pinched in the seat by the hips. Swapped for a Tillett, dropped the angle and position back. Never have I felt so comfortable in a go-kart.