PRICED TO MOVE- CRG Ven05 Ceramic Duralcan Rotors

Location: Indiana
Price: $350 + shipping

Details: Condition = Used

These are the best brakes in the business! If you know, you know. Great backup/replacements for existing Ven05 ceramic kit, or a great upgrade opportunity if currently using iron Ven05 rotors. These will give increased modulation, control, and pedal feel vs. the iron rotors.

Just wanted to say I purchased a engine from Evan. Was shipped quick and in excellent condition, he even was kind enough and gave some setup tips! If anyone needs some parts I would definitely recommend him. He was efficient and very pleasant to buy from.

Thanks again Evan!


Random question. Do the Ven05 Duralcan’s fit the Ven11 system?

Hi Tyler- that’s a great question. I’m not entirely sure, but can ask around and see if I can find more information.

I was going to look into that exact thing but haven’t had a chance yet.

Rear Ven05 Duralcan rotor fits the Ven11 system.

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Just spoke with John at Fastech, and he confirmed that they should fit. @Groove1797 @CrocIndy