Rental karting customer interaction

What do you like to see? I mean, before you arrive, during your sessions and after you’re home.
Booking app?
Position timing board on track?
Session reports?
Live timing?
Ideal session length? 15min or shorter?

Anything you’d like to see introduced that you’ve not seen anywhere?

I’m fixing to open a place in Kazakhstanland next year, tell me what you’d like to see. Pit girls are already in there :joy:

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Really? That’s nuts. Is there a market for this? How many karts does Bee run on a daily basis?

Coolest idea ever if feasible.

My ideal rental place:

Ok folks let’s go a bit upscale…

How about a more “adult” track/club. Lounge. Real food. Lots of organized activities like leagues and lesson type stuff.

Maybe even social nite stuff.

Sort kinda like what @tankyx is a member of in NYC, the Manhattan Car Club.

Not saying this is for Kazakhstan, but I would like a club type facility that I could be a mwmber of that also does races, travel races, etc etc


One thing I would really like to see is one place having two tracks, one for rental karts and one for owners so owners don’t have to wait when rentals go out. They could be they same tracks but different layout but the ability to lengthen the straight, tighten some corners etc if needed. Also would benefit if there is a big race, would help cut down time between heats but the only problem is if your a team and have a few drivers in different classes or you are racing in 2 different classes it could interfere with the other race.

My 2c… Ignore the racers and look at EVERY other group. Racers want the most while paying the least :smiley:


Wait, in the country Kazakhstan ?


I know rite? He went there not too long ago and went karting at a place called Bee karting.

Also, a bit about the various types of horse racing the Kazakhs are famous for:

DKC, the local outdoor rental kart/owner kart facility here in the DFW area is in the midst of putting in another track. Slightly smaller than the primary one, but connectable to it. I think the primary track is about 0.8 Miles with 17 turns. The addition, if I recall will be around 0.6 Miles with 14 turns (give or take). It will be interesting how it works out between rentals and owners.

Personally I was fond of Andretti Speed Lab. Had full kitchen services, a cocktail lounge, arcade and two tracks to choose from (long and short). I took my Dad for his birthday one year and had a great time. Was pretty cool that the cocktail lounge was 1 floor up and overlooked the long track.

Yes definitely there is. Had a good call yesterday with Sodi who will supply the karts, they’ve been quite bemused over the last years as to why nobody opened a place there yet.

I’m planning to sub lease a mezzanine floor level space for a Motorsport themed sports bar/restaurant overlooking the track, not sure the club thing will work although that’s an interesting point to think about, for sure discount for kart facility customers in there though.

Well that is awesome. I really am happy for you and this opportunity. Kind of jealous.:smiley:

It will look something like this


Yeah they want the moon on a stick for free :joy:

Love the logo :+1::+1::+1::+1: etc

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Are you planning on using ICE or Electric Karts?

Electric, indoors. Has to be indoors if I want to run them more than 5 months of the year, rest of the time it’s too cold.

Indoors ICE you have to install a ventilation system - not only a large initial outlay but ventilating the air you just paid to heat makes no sense

What kind of track surface will it be? Polished concrete “glass”, or something with a little more grip?

Someone asked about rental times…at my local track, the rental kart sessions are 10min. Just about enough time for ten laps. I sure wished they made it 15min. But, I’ll have my own kart in a couple days, so…

Yeas I get the same feeling. Anytime i visit a place n they tell me 8 or 10 minutes it really puts me off. My sessions will be 15 minutes.

The surface is a grippy epoxy coating developed by PGK, supposedly it gives grip straight outta the pit.

“The surface is a grippy epoxy coating developed by PGK, supposedly it gives grip straight outta the pit.”

NOW yer talkin’! The indoor kart track in Rancho Cordova (formerly RPM, now K1) had the polished concrete. Very little grip. Was fun a couple times. But NOTHING compared to running on real asphalt! And at speed.

Thinking about it…I wonder if the slick surface was intentional? Since the track wasn’t that big, and even on the straight, you were probably doing no more than 30mph, maybe the slick track allowed the inside tire to slip in a turn, and not bog?

Most of the Indoor tracks I have been to have very slippery surfaces. I am not sure why, maybe its a way to save on cost of tires. The grippier a surface is will usually degrade the tire more as it sort of sands it down. When I was at SIK (Speedway Indoor Karting) near the Indy Speedway a few years ago, their surface was like ice. Massive understeer, then snap oversteer on almost every turn. I was plowing barriers left and right trying to negotiate the place. You would think the fast lines would build up a little rubber overtime, but it was if they sprayed the entire track with cooking spray oil.

@Richard_Jacques , glad to hear you are going with something better!

Take a look here, Sodi RSX buzzing around one of PGK tracks in Italy coated with the same resin

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Victory Lane Karting in Charlotte, NC is a great example of a destination rental kart place. Has a full bar with good food. Arcade, 4 bowling lanes, axe throwing, and a legit VR set up for some variety or for the folks in the group who may not be interested in running the karts. The place is packed most days and the other attractions help keep people on the property when the have an hour or 2 wait for their races.

They have 2 tracks. 1 has good grip. The other is like running on ice. It’s a good change up. They will also combine the two to make their Super Track for league races from time to time.

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