Rental karting customer interaction

Cool idea, like rally cross with karts :sweat_smile:

Pretty much. Tracks are approximately same length but completely different layouts. About a 7-8sec difference in lap times due to grip differences.

I am not really a fan of the track surface at K1. I get why they do it but I feel like it takes some skill out of the game.

Like F1 boston indoors. The only thing they did wrong was having terrible customer support.
Leader boards is something I like to see when I go rental karting.
Leagues and events bring people back
Biggest decision youll have to make is are you catering to non racers looking for fun or racers who want speed and competitiveness.
Super charged entertainment catered 100% towards younger non racers. Restaurant, parkor/trampoline/wipeout gym, multi level kart track, electric karts, etc.
If you have an idea on what direction you wanna take it I have plenty of good and bad ideas

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I would actually be down for a facility with all the goofy stuff if it has leagues, reasonable parity, and takes the racing bit seriously. I would want leaderboards for sure.

Ideal place would have that + a sim area for racing and leagues as well. Also a chill zone with sofas, food service.

I thought F1 boston did a good job with a similar goal. Bar/Grill overlooking track, Racecars in entrance lobby, leagues and events, faster karts. They had two tracks that could be combined as well.

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Last time I was there, all be it a 7 years ago, they only had one kart to choose from. Maybe things have changed a little. I would have appreciated something with a little more power to climb those switchbacks.

Pretty much exactly where I’m headed, except the two tracks thing.

Kazakhstan it’s primarily catering for the walk in racers, birthdays etc - a decent percentage of those I fully expect will get a bit serious this I’ll be running SWS series and league nights, members only nights because whilst it can be fun playing dodge the unpredictable rentals it can get tiresome when you looking for lap times. No such thing there as a National series. I’m also planning to run training and coaching camps in summer to the only proper outdoor track at Sokol for the more serious racers, it’s a 2 day drive south, day on a train or 3 hour flight away - 4 days over a weekend with a class in the morning and putting into practice in the afternoon.

Marketing will be a huge traffic driver, 85% revenue comes from walkins.

Sodi does the ‘game of karts’ but they recommend new tracks to engage with that after year 2, as an injection of variety.

Summer camp for f1 Boston was a huge success it seemed. Similar programs may work

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