Richening low RPM while keeping high RPM same

Yeah I’ve actually done a little coaching for drivers at Goodwood and it’s easy because I already know the track without being there.

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Thanks guys. Traffic is always an issue to keep in mind when comparing the traces. Agree on seat time is the priority, I am not ignoring that (and springing him out of school early again today for another 5 hours’ practice)

I have a list of 4 experiments to try this afternoon…


Hi Don, I am not sure I understood the turn 1 piece? He isnt breaking into turn 1, but speed does get scrubbed by the corner and a significant dip at the apex.


So I will ask a related question esp if we have some knowledge here of Goodwood and Badger…Gear for hitting the rev limiter just before turn 1 and 4, or on a red slide gear it lower in the range? I hear both and in my limited experimenting lower gearing hasnt been effective but again perhaps the results had more to do with other variables…


I think @Don_Westlie and I are referring to how much different his apex speed is in the final hairpin corner before the straight (No Man’s Land as it’s called at Badger), which has a big effect on top speed at the end of the straight.

You can see how on the green lap, he slows the kart down more aggressively right up to the apex, and then accelerates all at once and on the red lap he isn’t as strong under braking, and then rolls off the brake pedal, lets it scrub/coast a bit, and then gets back to throttle later. On the red lap, he has more apex speed, but later throttle application. On green lap he has less apex speed, but earlier throttle application. Happy medium is probably somewhere in the middle. The strong braking of green lap, combined with the higher apex speed of red lap.

But like you said, traffic could be a factor here.


@tjkoyen covered your question on the braking but I’ll touch on the gearing.

There are 2 schools of thought with the gearing. I know there are kids at badger that Dads have the gearing set to just hit the limiter or just shy of it before entry into 1. Others that want to be on the limiter at start/finish.

Start/finish is farther down the straight at Badger vs Goodwood. Pic gives you an idea.

If you are on it entering 1 you will hit it again between your 3-4 if you’re getting through 1 well.

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