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I just think the majority of people don’t like the Indy RC. It’s pretty boring even in real life. The GTP Hypercars dominated the splits. They just released 2 new cars, Acura and Porsche, so everyone is running that.

Trying to soften the pedal feel?

Nah. The throw is long and my seating position bad. I need to rethink things. My car seat makes everything too high. I’m thinking a kart seat mounted and padded. I’m being lazy lasagna and not fixing this problem.

As much as kart seats cost right now, you could opt for a bucket seat. Would be way more comfortable for extended sessions. Of course, you wouldn’t have to buy a high-end kart seat for the sim.

I need to get the seat kart like. Legs out, knees up. Basically a kart.

They should sell this

Hey, carbon fibre seats!

I tried one of those cheap nrg… I gave it to a kid whose capacity for suffering is higher than mine.

was only useable for 1/2 hr. Padding is an afterthought, alas.


Your butt should be at the same height regardless of seat. Sounds like you just need to adjust your wheel and pedals to suit. Are you out of room to move them around?

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Yup. I’m out of adjustments. Seat height throws it all off. Cross bar for wheel can go down but not up.

It is a gt rig after all

For a kart for sure. Is that the case with gt cars tho? When I sit in my car my feet are below my butt, slightly.

Hey Ho found this:

Basically I could reconfigure mine like this

Ok so back in the world of sim and KartKraft…

I’ve been putting together little daily “good” laps videos to amuse myself as I chase mastery at AMP-C.

Here’s a lap from last night that sorta encapsulates where I am in the journey to sub 18. In this lap, I absolutely demolish the last turn, landing an 8.875 final sector on an overall very fast lap (s2 meh).

That kerb stuff in final turn is delinerate and not dirty, Warren. In another video, I’ll show you a cool thing that’s even faster.

The other method involves having the raised inside wheel strike the kerbing mid-rotation. This creates a second rotation that re-orients you in a way that allows you to lop off some of the exit.

It also basically hurls the kart into receptive rubber that allows you to not understeer at all. This method isn’t exactly repeatable. But, it invokes straddling the top kerb, coming onto it laterally/down. If you get lucky, the raised wheel clips and you turn just right! This method has allowed me to land low 8.8xx.

It’s just too goofy to not share. I’ll find footage.

The final turn has been a very, very long process to get reliable and (very) fast at. But, I’m there, now, and am running back to back sub 9s, regularly. I have the pace.

The opening complex is also in my wheelhouse. I also am at top pace there. Everything is good. We shall see.

That’s what they all say. :grin:

Pinkie swear! :badger::skunk::raccoon::badger::skunk::sloth:

Well, Warren,
Once again, IRL driving has made me less inclined to sim. I know you wait with bated breath for my sim adventures so you will be disappointed. However, I have not forgotten you. Here is a nice video you will enjoy while I don’t sim:

The Pallas Kat reminds me of Tanguy on the track, fast, competent, and takes no guff. Sound on, please.

We are assured quality race direction for the 2024 season.

So I think im going to be jumping into the sim realm and im fairly certain im going to be doing the buy once, cry once… That being said, is there away to short circuit some of the costs and wondering if anyone has done something similar. Where im going with this is todo console first, then PC with being the end goal. (I want to avoid spending $1k+ on console compatible hardware and then having to sell it later on)

Hardware wise Im looking at big bang with simcube base/heusinkveld pedels, and some type of 8020 rig… thinking a ASR4.

So that basically leaves a seat, (monitors but i’ll leave that out if this discussion) and then something to play…

For a seat as a interim step Im going to use an older kart seat until I figure out which seat I want to end up with. this also save some money up front.

For a system, I have a ps5 and an xbox one s, but don’t have a PC (situational, need to build one specific for this). I’ve looked at the console “compatible” wheels and pedals like the Fanatec/Logitech but I notice that they max out at around 10nm. There seems to be hacks or maybe a proxy device to get more professional stuff to work with consoles but haven’t seen anything reliable saying it 100% working (no FB for example).

So has anyone tried and successfully got non-compatibile hardware working with a console in a functional way?

In the past I used a fanatec clubsport belt drive with Xbox. I have not tried the dd on Xbox but it’s compatible. I think it also comes in PlayStation version.
I don’t know wether a simcube can be used on a console. Maybe Tanguy has heard of it. @tankyx

I think the buy once, cry once approach does make a lot of sense. My sim rig evolved over time, as I got more into IRL stuff, but you are already there. Go for it.

The resale market is very easy with quality sim gear.

I would caution you that you will much prefer PC. There is much more apps etc. also I think it “feels” better on Pc. You will have a permanent alu rig. Let the console go. This is your car, now, run the best engine!

The Xbox/PlayStation is great for playing with friends though in casual stuff like forza etc.

You will need:
Crew chief addon
Trading paints addon

Iracing is the only real option. Nothing else has the same depth of competition/convenience.

Kart seat is bold choice. Lemme lemme know how it goes. Am considering similar.

In terms of rig, think about what you like to drive. Mostly, rigs are GT style.

Here’s what I got, which was least expensive simlab.

I’m happy with it but there are plenty of more expensive, beefier units. Their top of line is

The alu profile is very rigid and very easy to work with. Buy once, cry once.

As an American, perhaps a domestic producer would be less pricey shipping?

I was looking at those as well, was watching some reviews of the ASR4/6 and seems fairly comparable. i’ll most likley do a final price check + shipping on the simlab stuff prior to order.

I do fully agree with going the PC route, feels like im basically building a chassis to run a x30 but going to put a briggs (console) on it to start. Seems like every component of this build is a min $1k :frowning:

It could be done cheaper.

In theory you could do a cheap rig like mine. 500
Slider/whatever to put kart seat on rig: $50
Monitor arm: 75

Inexpensive dd setup: 700 (w/load cell)

Monitor: 400ish

PC: $1500-3000 can build a beastly Pc.
Vr: 500

But yeah, simcube+Heusinkveld+shifter+etc can get very pricey when you start buying the best stuff

Re kart seat.

I like this idea but be aware that the seating position will be “low”. I have a car seat from a hot hatch in my rig and it’s too “high”.

You can adjust, but it will take some messing about.

Another thought that is for those with giant budgets:

Configured premade: With enough money, things get crazy! Check out their special projects

And, my personal brass ring fever dream:

So Warren,
Instead of simming I’m watching alot of race footage and avoiding the rig again.

I give up trying to understand why this happens every time I start racing irl again.

Want to take a crack at it? What’s the story, mon ami?

This makes zero sense to me. Sim taught me pretty much everything I know and is responsible for about 95% of my training. It’s directly responsible for my results on track. (For example the amp-c laps directly informed how I approached the ekarts on track at supercharged).

Why does actual driving make the simrig unattractive until I force myself to re-engage? And I am not re-engaging with full knowledge that doing so is good and what you should be doing.

Weird one, but you handle the odd questions well! I am conflicted here in that I want to keep progressing (I feel I am). I feel like maybe there’s some sort of unresolved thing going on in terms of what I want, am trying to achieve, and I’m not right with it maybe.

Or I could just be lazy. But it feels like I’m avoiding something related to my racing life. If you feel up to it, give it a thott.

(It’s not that I have been taking so long to land that sub 18, I’m not frustrated with my driving at all. It’s on fire (in a good way), actually. So it’s NOT performance related.)

Because it’s a simulation, it isn’t real. Doesn’t get the blood pumping the same way as the real thing.

Might be dark, but if you’ve ever heard hard drug addicts discuss their progression to what is ultimately usually fentanyl or heroin, it’s because they were chasing a feeling that prescription drug abuse or OTC painkillers couldn’t match anymore. Hard drug addicts don’t go back to Xanax.

Sorry, been watching a lot of Soft White Underbelly lately.