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PFI-C Grinding

Made an effort to try to sim again and found that I am not too far off where I was. I think I can get this down another couple tenths and maybe top 5.

I have been enjoying hotlapping again, in moderation.

Alternative to CSL DD

They also just released a budget priced wheel:

Obscure leaderboard Flex

Pleased with my progress here. Each session I am learning something new that helps me get a titch faster, which is nice. My objective is to land a .8 something, which I narrowly missed, here. A little less kerb and we might have been in business!

Do any of them have steering wheels mounted to their backs though?

Also: current pic of pupper

That’s a cool solution! Did you make it?

That is a very cute pup.

I 3D printed them from a file I found on Thingiverse. The TV mounting bolts go through the centers.

Which of those three wheels do you use the most? Out of curiousity.

I really do use them all pretty equally but I’ve been using the round one the most lately driving the Miata to get ready for melons. If I’m not in that I’ve been doing laps in the F3 with the formula. The mclaren works well for TCRs and GT3s.

That’s interesting. I used my round one a lot as well. OF the McLaren and the esports I use the esports all the time. I don’t drive GT cars though and that might explain it. I find the smaller diameter wheel to be really quick.

It’s pretty crazy how much the difference in diameter affects the feel of what I’m driving and how the wrong wheel can make the car feel off.

Yeah. The main reason I don’t use the mclaren much is the shifter oddles are very stiff and have a sharp texture. I hope later models were modified somewhat.

I have a V2 and the texture is pretty aggressive, but I also wear gloves with all of my wheels so it doesn’t bother me too much.

I put the podium module on my esports and those shifters are something else.

Those seem like a worthwhile step up. The paddles on the carbon and esports are fine but sort of meh. Was it pricey to do that?

The esports v2 has the CSL magnetic shifters but they have plastic bodies and levers so if you’ve used the clubsport shifters they just don’t feel quite right.

The podium modules are $180, but you get two sets of shifters and analog clutch paddles like the mclaren has. I had planned on going this route and getting these shifters over the formula v2.5 since I didn’t think I really needed the extra knobs/buttons on the wheel and the display doesn’t help me any either

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So close. Optimal dropped by a tenth last night to 42.73 so I should land a .8 soon. Just gotta get out of my own way, at this point.

The new YouTube “clip” feature is neat. You don’t have to make a separate video for the lap within the session. The clip is sort of like putting a timestamp.


Have you heard of this? It appears to be more than a game but rather a series/platform. Seems interesting:

We will see how it goes. Unsure it will be able to go against iRacing, but it maybe is a competitor to an aging AC

The cars as NFT seems an interesting twist. Liveries too. Not sure what it’s all about but it would appear that somehow they are hoping to create a real dollar market for tunes, paints, etc?

The NFT market just lost all its steam though, people don’t care anymore. But yeah the goal is to monetize modders work