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A Fast Lap in Reverse

I landed this unexpectedly last night. I had been racing a fellow named Bobbbb (aka Nigel Mansell in game) who had challenged me to climb the board with him. We chipped away, trading back and forth for a week or so. He pipped me by 5/1000 and then I responded with this, dropping 3/10ths, suddenly.

This is a good Kartkraft lap. I’m right in the heart of the rubber, mostly, and the kart is operating within it’s performance envelope. Tires behave and kart is well loaded up. I think the quality of the drive is visible in turns 2-4.

The lap took me a bit by surprise. I had been challenging the ghost and thought I was good for a 40.1-40.2. When I saw 39, I was quite pleased.

This run, coupled with my NTK revisit really clearly shows how much I have improved in a couple years. I am now confident that I can get to the fast laps and that I have the tool chest to express them. The time it’s taking me to figure out the track and my inputs keeps dropping. My skills and confidence have both risen, dramatically.

Someone had asked about Kart Racing Pro.

I haven’t had a chance to try it yet but the graphics seem a bit dated in comparison to Kk:



KRP has been out since like 2010 in some form so it is quite a bit more dated.

Yup! It also has a lot of modding for tracks and karts. It’s a complete game I have heard.

Ok so who wants to come race planes with me?

Much as I wish, I will not be getting one of these. If I did you’d have to pry me out of it and force me to work.

So we made a new friend at KartKraft. There’s a German fellow in his 20s that took up Kk and decided to tackle the leaderboard for GVKC-R with a few of us. Not sure what his sim background is but boy he’s talented. Plays in a keyboard and is very precise and very quick. He races irl, which makes sense, since he has very good track management skills.

We’ve been having fun comparing notes and he passed me pretty quickly, briefly taking glb1 from Korzza. Korzza grabbed it back but I’ll be curious to see if Tazzy can pull it back. (Edit: he just did. Your move, Korzza. :wink:)

In any case, here’s me finally landing another sub 40 at GVKC-R. I finally, finally understand the first complex and the timing of throttle here. Thanks Tazzy!


There’s one big mistake in here but I am proud of how I salvage the lap. The shout at the end is partially me responding to my wife calling down and partially me reacting to finally putting another sub 40 lap down again.

Here’s Tazzy’s latest:

This is really good. No mistakes and he gets everything just about perfect. Not sure how much more is available.

Jimmy Unfiltered

Hammond has a rather lengthy interview with Jimmy. They discuss the arc of his journey. Really interesting, imho. Timestamped to get to interview bit.

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Finally!!! Things you can buy that aren’t insanely marked up:

Go check prime day deals. I’m seeing video cards and completes at reasonable pricing!

Damn, as if I didn’t already feel bad enough about the money pit of a sim rig I have collecting dust in my office… Glad it isn’t so ostentatiously outfitted with a $700+ graphics card…

That’s a reasonably priced card in our current and somewhat malevolent timeline. I mean a 3050 costs what a 3060 used to. Thank you Bitcoin for screwing everything up on top of global supply chain misery.

Also as a graphic designer you absolutely need an overpowered rig just because.

As a graphic designer, I’m a Mac guy, so this doesn’t affect me. :wink:

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Ah yes, we were on Power PC which was the Apple licensed build your own version that allowed us to somewhat customize the builds. This eventually disappeared.

Fortunately their stranglehold on video and graphics design production led to them eventually making truly powerful desktops. But man, are they expensive for what you get.
I still shudder at the processing times for a two page spread image sharpening in 1995.

I will gladly pay double a normal PC price for the ease of use, convenience and hassle-free experience. Every time I have to use any of my three Windows machines, I am angry. Windows is just awful in every way. And I’ve owned two iMacs and two Macbooks in the last 10 or 12 years and neither has had a single issue. In that time I know my dad has gone through probably 8 or 9 Windows laptops alone.

For the 20 minutes a week I get to game these days, my Xbox fills my need. Just don’t have the time or money to sim continuously or build out my rig further.

Agreed. I did love my Mac. That being said, it operates off the premise that the users are morons. I am sometimes a moron so can sympathize with their design choices.

If I am not mistaken the current Gen consoles are all using 30x0 video cards and are utter beasts of a machine. I have been enjoying my xbone which can still run borderlands 2 (sort of).

My upgrade path involves buying Tanguy’s crap when he’s done with it.

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I too miss the mac I had. Unfortunately it’s hard to justify one that would get mostly used for YouTube. I’m also a huge fan of the old IBM Thinkpad aesthetic so I went with a Lenovo again.

I’m starting to collect parts for a proper sim rig now since gas prices cost me more than a weekends’s club race entry just to get to the nearest track.

They say money can’t buy happiness…


I could, in theory, sell the 911 and get one of these instead. I can walk to work. Alone and undoubtedly divorced.

Neils Heusinkveld reviews the various kart sims

Neils is the fellow behind the eponymous Heusinkveld sim products company. I’ve chatted with him once and he’s regularly floating about in the sim community interacting with folks. His pedals are very popular.

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A good lap

I’ve been quietly plugging away at besting my 39,9 without success. However, I have found that I am getting better and better at the track and have begun to truly understand s1 and s2. Now if I could only find that consistency in s3.
Another 24 days should do it, I think. But, seriously, diligently plugging away is yielding fruit. My competency and feel for the various turns keeps increasing. I’m enjoying th subtleties now, and that’s a good feeling.
I know I can do S3 in .1 so why am I struggling to find a consistent .2? I don’t know but I imagine I can discover what makes that corner tick.

My wife and I have been out with covid, which sucks, but thankfully it doesn’t seem severe. I’m not hugely motivated to drive but I want to land this lap. Everyone is struggling with it, so I am not alone.

BeamNg: crashing simulator

This fella made a compendium of BeamNG crashes which are quite entertaining.

I am not sure what BeamNG is supposed to be as it seems a bit odd in terms of physics. It has many fans, however, and seems to be pretty amusing.

Enjoy. Also, iracing needs flames. The BeamNG crashes that involve fire are pretty dramatic. Reminiscent of the bad old days when fuel tanks weren’t protected fuel cells.

I think it started out as crash modelling. It’s a ton of fun, especially target practice with the rocket powered bus

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