Simracing to win


(James McMahon) #21

Yeah it’s essentially a Windows PC.
Mine is an older quad core i7. I think it’s a 2xxx series. GTX1050 graphics card. 16Gb ram (rarely fully utilized to be honest.

I think I paid $150 for the combo of motherboard/CPU and ram two years ago (used). So figure you could nab that for under $100.
The GTX I bought for $120 also used late last year but I think I got a deal on it. They seem to be trending around $150 still.

(Dom Callan) #22

So for vr, here’s the basics and recommended.

If you read forums all everyone talks about is the latest and greatest stuff which is really expensive. There’s plenty of older cars/cpu combos that run just fine.

Here’s a story from last night. One of the things I have noticed about sim racing VR as opposed to racing on the screen is how intense VR is.

Last night, final lap at Red Bull ring. I had been driving fairly badly and was trading places with the front 4 throughout the race. 5th to 2nd back to 4th etc. mostly this is due to me not having figured out braking in the new car, but I’m just making excuses, I kind of was terrible.
Last couple laps I try to pull it together and push up to the front. Make my way up to second.

Approaching the last turn, I decide to try the inside in a pass that isnt there, not even close. I figure it’s just a sim, go for it.

So I’ve got the momentum, and I pull out for the pass. I didn’t have enough and we both arrive at the apex and our front suspensions get tangled. We go into a long slow spin mid corner, bleeding out into the the left edge of the track but still in the racing line.

As we spin, the suspension gets untangled, and now I am pushing him sideways and it’s just too much… Boing!!! Over he goes in a spectacular flip.

At this point I am feeling pretty bad about the whole thing. I just killed a dude out of impatience and stupidity… but little did I know I was about to get my just desserts.

As the ai dude flipped into oblivion, my flat spin continued, and as my nose rotated around, I am greeted by the rest of the pack rounding the final corner WOT right into me. First one makes it around me but KAPOW goes places 2-7 right into me, head on.

I took the headset off, thoroughly disturbed by the whole thing. It felt so real and I felt so very, very foolish and bad. There’s something about virtual reality that works surprisingly well on an emotional level. I suspect I will be driving much smarter in the future. It’s too disturbing to act like a hooligan.

(Lee Swindell) #23

Dom: I’d assumed that VR would intensify the experience visually, but I hadn’t reckoned on the emotional impact. That’s a big jump forward from just gaming.

You use that Microsoft rig in the link? And you’d recommend it?

James, you use something different haven’t you ?

(Dom Callan) #24

I can’t recommend the one I got because it’s a very compromised inexpensive one. It’s uncomfortable but most importantly it has plastic lenses so unless it comes back on sale, pass.

What seems to be going on is that these WMR units go on sale big time. The recent deal was the Samsung odyssey plus for $300 but it’s back up to 5 now. I think the next gen is coming soon.

Another alternative is used. Vr isn’t for everyone.

On the emotional stuff, bear in mind that to a certain extent I’m hamming it up on the Internet! But I am also not kidding when I say it is much more realistic and much more intense.
You “lose” yourself in the virtual race and big offs or crashes are quite startling and sometimes terrifying. Unlike a normal driving game, it’s hard to stay plugged in for hours on end. You find yourself needing a break. It’s a lot like Karting, past a certain point, you need to stop and let your brain catch up.

(Lee Swindell) #25

Thanks Dom.

Ive no idea how much it costs to develop a modern sim like rFactor or the new kart one you guys have been discussing - but to let a couple of hundred bucks stand between you/ me and the leveraging the capabilities of software this advanced, doesn’t seem sensible to me. spend some dough to get the best of the experience, and to honour the efforts of the developers.

Thanks for your advice.


(Dom Callan) #26

I forgot to answer the what sims I’m playing.

I just got iracing because I want to try actual races.

I use assetto corsa, project cars2 and forza as well. I also really like f12018 but that doesn’t do vr.