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(Tony Zambos) #21

That probably was my son on FB, just he’s not that new. He’s been my son for a long time. :grinning:

(Bryan Hall) #22

$1K-$2K a race… Ouch. I agree, definitely not grassroots like most of us.

I did pay $500 for an arrive and drive rally car one weekend, but for a kart race, wow.

(Michael Zahorski) #23

I was actually referring to Ryan. Alan posted a new kid karter on his page.

(Ryan McGuigan) #24

Funny! Yes, that is my boy. I am the green spec in the background. Alan was having him run a straight line, brake, circle around and repeat.

Not sure where to start, so many questions. (Located in the northeast)
(Michael Zahorski) #25

I wanted to give an update regarding my daughter and coaching. We spent an 8 hour day with Alan Rudolph at his academy the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. She did very well with his coaching, and dropped her time over 1.5 seconds from her first session to her last session on track. She really responded to Alan’s coaching, and the best thing that she got out of the coaching is more confidence in her braking. I am looking forward to seeing her use what she learned in a race and to see her continue to gain confidence.

If anyone is in Texas, or plans to come to Texas, Alan and is racing academy is definitely worth the money and experience.

(Charles Stockton) #26

Thank You for the update, it was useful data to be had. Question, what is an 8 hr day of coaching costs, it seems like it would be very expensive. If not I would love to get my grand children into that training as well. We are in the Greater North West Seattle area and there is a training club at my local track, I would like to put the costs side by side and see or make sure I am getting what is competetive training at a fair price, everyone gets paid, I know this, I just would like to know how much it is in Texas.

(Michael Zahorski) #27

Do what you can to get them coaching as early as possible, it keeps them from developing bad habits that need to be broken. The Alan Rudolph Racing Academy has their prices listed on their website (https://speedsportzracingpark.com/racing-academy), as they do offer several different types of courses. The full day that we did cost $799 for the entire day. Since Alan is probably the premier karting coach in the nation, I’d hope others were a little cheaper than that.

(Ryan Odi) #28

Thanks for this reference. I’m getting into karting and I may look into this.

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