Tillotson Owned by IAME?

Sparked by another topic that’s been merged here.
Apparently IAME own Tillotson?

Anyone have more info?

Iame recommended Wladoil for a simply reason, Wladoil belong to iame, same story for Tillotson and that why
Anyway almost 90% of the cik oil are suitable for x30 without any problem


It is absolutely false that Wladoil or Tillotson belong to Iame. Please do not spread erroneous information!
Iame recommends Elf -HTX909 and Wladoil in Europe also, with European fuel, because of more than a decade of experience.

Iame Usa Ct


“Everybody knows” is a bit of a cop out. Can you point to something to back that up or not? Most of audience here is US based so not always privy to what’s happening in Europe.

“Try to be aware” of the kind of discussions and debates we have here. We try to keep it merit based. You made the claim so the burden of proof is on your side really.

I’d ask Andy at Tillotson on but he’s on honeymoon :joy:

I don’t need to proove anything, i do every big euro races specially in x30 for years and everybody know that Tillotson Wladoil belong to iame
I can also tell you that Kart republic belongs also to iame since 2020
Mariembourg and castelletto belongs also to iame etc etc

We’re not really about paddock BS, hearsay or rumors here.

Then why even post it about it in the first place? It’s not like an opinion on a chassis setup change, you made a statement of fact that is arguably disparaging

Seems odd because I’ve seen you give some good advice.

I answer why we have to use wladoil in europe etc and it’s because it belong to iame and i add that the same thing for Tillotson.
I don’t understand the problem to post that and why it’s an issue furthermore everybody in the karting world know it…


Wladoil is owned by these folks Where does IAME fit in?

Tillotsen is owned by Tillotsen Holdings Ltd according to the Irish equivalent of Companies House

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And? That proove nothing hahaha
Iame belong KR, wladoil and Tillotson without any doubt ! Maybe because im more or less an iame holding group employee…
You want also the shares in % of iame in these different companies?

What does more or less an employee mean :rofl:

Your comments ‘everyone in karting world knows this’ obviously isn’t true, even a direct employee of IAME US isn’t aware. Enlighten us is all we’re asking for, I love learning knew stuff but you tell me the moon is made of cheese and every astronaut knows it, I’ll ask for proof :joy:

Holding shares in a company is hugely different to owning it.


Lots of rumours I hear regularly about Iame have a significant ownership share in Kart Republic… Apparently Iame helped Dino Chiesa with funding to start the brand and break away from CRG/Zanardi.

Wouldn’t be surprised they have an ownership share in Wladoil & Tillotson


Iame own 100% of KR since 2020
Before Dino and his father get 50% and 50% iame but dino and his dad sold their shares to iame.
If you don’t believe me it’s ok but everybody knows it so im not gonna fight with few people on a forum…
Come here in europe on euro races and you’ll ask yourself and see who’s wrong
And wait i have a scoop for you, Bradshaw get sacked by otk (everybody knows it also since weeks) hahahahahaha

Paul, May I ask why you are so aggressive? You are acting like the world revolves around you. People come here for help, not to be insulted, or shamed.


No aggressiveness at all, it’s just the way you read the answers maybe…

It could be how you emphasize or conclude your posts with a string of laughter. Is everything really that hilarious, or are you some kind of comic book super villain?


The community here offers advice and guidance. We try to avoid judgment and negative opinions that aren’t backed up. It’s not healthy for the forums to make negative assertions on manus, people or series while not providing basis for your statement.

We aren’t opposed to controversial thoughts, but we draw the line at refusing to provide your basis. "Everyone knows"is not enough.

This really isn’t the place for arguing for arguments sake. Our policy is to help rather than hinder.

Please contribute with an intent to be helpful. Thank you!


I’m not trying to insult anyone or start a fight. I am sorry if I offended you or anyone else. Im just trying to make people feel welcome, I don’t mean to take over any responsibility or management away from the founders. Personally Karting is hard and there is a lot to learn which this site has helped tremendously.

Again I don’t mean to be offensive or bossy, just trying to help and be helped

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OH MY GOD!!! What will we do

Who the f is Brad Shaw ?? :joy::joy:

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He won the OK World Championship last year (it was wet) for OTK.

See that’s how you provide information :smiley:


Thanks Nick, now I more or less feel enlightened :grin: